Simply Swap: Countries you want to visit!

What are we swapping this week?

The countries we dream of visiting!!! Hooray, I love traveling.


Okay, here are my TOP two favorite places to visit:

Ireland ~

Breathtaking Ireland. I love the music! The irish fiddle. The whistle.  The bagpipes. It’s my favorite kind of music. 

Then there’s the scenery. Oh I love those green cliffs, plunging into the blue ocean. The coast.
The green fields, spotted with white sheep.

I could go on…

Italy ~

Italy = delicious food!

Pizza….pasta….oh, the overwhelming varieties of cheeses…. mushrooms….ice cream. All the bad but yummy tummy stuff.

Then there’s the architecture. So Mediterranean and artistic.

So ladies? What are your favorite countries to visit?

0 thoughts on “Simply Swap: Countries you want to visit!

  1. I have quite a few but here are my top three-

    Germany- I just love their food ( schnitzel) and the BEAUTIFUL scenery, and their language. Austria, and Italy ( the pizza, architecture)

  2. Italy because I like pizza, France because I want to see the Eiffel Tower, and Germany because they make Mini Coopers (my favorite car)!!!!!!!! (:

  3. I really like traveling, but being home is always nice too. Last year I went to Mali, West Africa and stayed with some missionary friends there for a month. That was probably one of the neatest trips that I have ever been on, as it really gave me a glimpse into what life was like on the mission field. I would love to go on another short-term mission trip some day!


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