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Hello ladies,

I have a challenge for you! Whether you like challenges or not, I suggest you participate in this one- because I’ m sure it will enhance your spiritual growth. Consider this challenge similar to vitamins that would enhance your physical health.

Every Sunday, try to take notes from the sermon. It doesn’t matter how well you do it or not- just do it. Taking notes will help you absorb the subject of the sermon better. Then post them here, so we can all share our notes.

Oh, did you take a look at THIS from the last post? Paul’s ministry team. Please do. Zoom in to read.

Here are my notes from last Sunday:

Pastor John MacArthur      Nov. 7, 2010

Mark 9:42

This portion of Scripture is full of graphic terminology, severe warnings. It is a chapter about radical discipleship.
The Word radical is intensive, essential, extreme. Christ’s call is radical: turn from sins, repent, leave off former life.


~ Radical LOVE
~Radical PURITY

v. 42 Radical LOVE:
Christ sets down principle, if you harm God’s people, harm will come to you. Christ lives in every believer, and how you treat that believer is how you treat Christ. Love does not solicit to sin (by dressing immodestly, gossip, etc.)

v. 43,45,47 Radical PURITY:
If you have a pure heart, you will lead others to righteousness- if not, you cause them to sin. Eye, hand, foot in this passage = everything you see, do, everwhere you go. All aspects of your life should be pure. Radical, severe action against anything that stands in the way of righteousness.

v. 49 Radical SACRIFICE:
Hebrew people added salt to sacrifices as a symbol of God’s enduring covenant, promise, enduring faithfulness. Wheat offering symbolized total devotion to the Lord, sprinlked wiht salt symoblized the permanence of the consecration to total devotion.
Salt is good if it is unmixed with other elements.

You need to be unmixed in obedience to God- stop fighting, quarreling, mixing sin with Christian life. In Israel, they had salt that sometimes had gypsum mixed in it- making it useless. Salt needed to be pure.

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  1. Hello Rebekah,
    Your sister Lois told me about your blog, so I thought I’d stop by. I’ve enjoyed looking around your site. These notes that you posted were helpful ~ thanks for sharing. I don’t always take notes during our Sunday sermons, but I do try to always take notes when I’m having my personal time in the Word each day. It really helps me to remember throughout the day what I read, and also it’s wonderful to be able to go back and read what the Lord has taught me!
    You’re blog is really neat, and I’m looking forward to reading more in the future. Stop by my blog as well sometime in you get a chance.

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