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Did You Know: Bees are smarter than computers!

Did you know?

“Tiny Bee Brains Beat Computers at Complex Math Problems”

Recently, some researchers in London found out that bees are smarter than computers. How is that?

While they travel from flower to flower, bees know how to calculate and find the best and shortest path to the next flower! The scientists who found this out were amazed! Mathematicians have been trying for a long time to do what bees have been doing since God created them!

A long time ago sometime in 1930, scientists were wondering how to find a solution for travelers who need to stop in many different places, but need to have the shortest paths to get there. They were looking for a forumla that would save people a lot of time when they travel. (I’m putting all this in simple terms here). They realized they must calculate it mathematically (miles and all, you know).

But they never quite found the solution to their problem.

Today, even really smart computers (who do math problems faster than you or I can blink), are having a hard time to find the answer to the mathematical problem.

Well, the tiny brains of the bees do that every day!
See how wonderful and perfect God’s creation is?

I loved learning about this new discovery about bees. It’s another proof of how complex and beautiful God’s creation is! Nothing can beat it.

We have a marvelous Creator!

Source: Fox News

0 thoughts on “Did You Know: Bees are smarter than computers!

  1. Nice title, Becky, and it is a true title! I like your ending sentence! I read too, at school about bees. God’s creation is very wonderful and perfect!
    I learned that the bees produce the honey in their stomach. First, they eat the nectar of the flowers and then they ”vomit” :} the honey when they get back home.
    Usually, this is sour and not good for eating, but in this case it is very sweet and lots of animals love it {bears especially}. We too love it!


    1. Thanks for the extra information on bees! It’s great that you learn a lot about God’s nature and bees in school. My sister Anna is also learning about nature in science, and she likes remembering interesting facts like you do.
      I’m glad you found the post interesting!

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