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One day, when I had a craving for lemony type of desserts (tarts, leomon bars, cheesecakes) I started making up a spring-y kind of menu….then I let my imagination roll and came up with menus for every season of the year (including two types of breakfasts).

I did it just for fun, and thought I would share the imaginary “menus” with you all.  They’re not much, and probably not very impressive, but I tried to match the food types with each other. 

After you read them, share with me your culinary ideas!  🙂

Culinary Ideas by Rebekah (PDF)

3 thoughts on “Sharing: Culinary ideas

  1. so there is this AMAZING cheesecake recipe! my aunt saw it on a cooking show and did it. it’s cheesecake with mango puree AAAAAND…….. a lemon-basil syrup! now before you gross yourself out, you should know that it is…..MY FAVORITE cheesecake EVEEEEEER!!! you should definitely give it a try!! here it is:

    have fun with it!


    1. Hi Abigail!
      Thanks for writing! It was nice getting to know you when we met! The recipe sounds pretty daring- we’ll see if I have the guts to try it out 😉 Thanks for sending me the link. I’ll take a look at it when I get home. I’m still on the road, and itching to post some of the thousands of photos we took!

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