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Did You Know: benefits of aloe vera, cabbage

Did you know these interesting facts?

Benefits of Aloe Vera:

– helps keep hair healthy and contains an enzyme that promotes hair growth when you rub it on your scalp
– aloe vera gel penetrates about seven layers of skin, so it is one of the best healing agents for skin wounds like scrapes (my sister can testify on this being tried and true), or burns, or skin infections. In fact, the aloe plant heals its own wounds/scars after you cut it!
– contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids
– helps the immune system
-it is used for a myriad of illnesses such as detoxification, digestion problems, inflammation, cholesterol, ulcers, and even cancer to name a few
-helps in weight loss because of the amount of collagen
-it is antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and a natural preservative

There’s so much more to it! You may think I’m rambling on cliche “health info” here, but it’s true.
My family and I have used aloe for different things, and it’s amazing what a wealth of health benefits God stored in this plant!
The best thing about it, is that you can grow your own plant indoors! So even those in colder regions can enjoy the health benefits of aloe vera because although it is a desert type of plant, it doesn’t like direct sunlight. Why? It gets sunburned!
Have you ever heard of that? Well I researched this when I propagated baby aloes and put them in the sun and they turned brownish.

The Benefits of Cabbage:

– it is a whole pharmacy in itself (rich in fiber, vitamin C, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potasium, vitamin E, …need any more evidence?)
– great as a salad or coleslaw
-during the Civil War, cabbage as sauerkraut was used to treat smallpox among prisoners of war. The death rate was reduced drastically afterward!
– healing properties for similar diseases as aloe, since they have similar natural elements. Treats ulcers, rheumatism, skin problems, scurvy, jaundice, eczema, varicous veins, and so forth.
-wrap some pressed cabbage leaves around sore muscles or hurting bones to bring some relief and healing. It’s very helpful, we recommended it to many people.

Well, hope you enjoyed my little nutritional information post. I enjoy learning such things and I hope you do too!

 Cabbage photo via: Free Digital

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