Sharing: Graphic design – showing off my work

I guess this will sound like bragging, but I just wanted to show you all a CD cover I designed for my online illustrator class. I wanted to keep the same theme of Celtic songs (remember the poster I showed you several months ago?). We had to design the front, back and spines of the CD cover, and I came up with what you see below.

I love graphic design practically as much as drawing! Hopefully I have some freebies planned for you all in the summer 😉
It’s made up of two words and starts with B and B, and can only be given through virtual reality…(that is, unless you want to print it out, which I haven’t heard anyone of doing yet). Can you guess what it is?

 You can click on the photo for a larger view.

© 2011 Rebekah D.

3 thoughts on “Sharing: Graphic design – showing off my work

  1. That’s awesome, Becky! You did a great job! You are wonderful at drawing too! (I saw your sketch of a female soldier and was utterly “wowed” 😀 )
    I hope you have a phenomenal day! 😀
    Love and prayers!
    Katie Hamilton

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