Creation & Apologetics

A Wealth of Highest Scientific Research Backing Creation

  Long ago, the prophet Daniel said that knowledge will increase. To what extent? People and ideas will travel to and fro as never before (Daniel 12:4). Christians today cannot afford not to stay abreast with the scientific information out there.  The Institute for Creation Research is the place for our scientific education that supports creation.… Read More A Wealth of Highest Scientific Research Backing Creation

Creation & Apologetics

We’ve Remodeled!

Two BIG changes have taken place here! I totally remodeled the blog! Or basically I moved to a new domain name! I was talking about this in previous posts and finally by God’s grace I did it. So the blog name has changed from Heritage of Grace to Apologetics Girl, which encapsulates what this blog is about:… Read More We’ve Remodeled!


You tell me

  Friends, I need to hear you. Let’s have a change of style for today. I have more articles coming up, but I thought it would be good to include something semi-interactive in between too. I want to make you speak, comment, express yourself and let me know you’re there reading this. I actually get a little tiny… Read More You tell me