20+ Comforting scents that I like

Remember when I wrote the post 12 Comforting Sounds ? So what if we continued the idea, and I shared some comforting scents? 

  1. The smell of a brand new book or printed paper
  2. The smell of bread out of the oven
  3. The smell of freshly washed laundry
  4. The smell of freshly cut grass
  5. The smell of the earth after a rainy day
  6. The smell of firewood smoke
  7. The smell of honeysuckle
  8. The smell of ocean breezes
  9. The smell of coffee in the morning, or freshly ground coffee
  10. The smell of pancakes (or bacon) frying
  11. The smell of a snuffed out candle
  12. The smell of cinnamon (or even cinnamon rolls baking)
  13. The smell of eucalyptus trees
  14. The smell of field flowers and grass on a warm spring or summer afternoon
  15. The smell of beeswax or bee pollen
  16. The smell of wood and sawdust
  17. The smell of Home Depot, the home renovation store (only in America :D)
  18. The smell of sunscreen
  19. The smell of barbeque or grilling on a summer day
  20. The smell of lilacs, freesias and lily of the valley (and basically any flower) 

These are some of my favorite scents that give me a cozy, happy feeling inside. I might have forgotten some, but I would love to hear what are some of your favorite scents! It’s such a blessing to have this simple yet highly important sense of smell. My grandfather did not have his sense of smell and it really takes away from the joys of life…he didn’t enjoy meat for example, because it felt like dry cardboard or rubber to him. The sense of smell really plays a role in taste as you all know. 

So what do you like smelling? 


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