Creation & Apologetics

We’ve Remodeled!

Two BIG changes have taken place here!

  1. I totally remodeled the blog! Or basically I moved to a new domain name! I was talking about this in previous posts and finally by God’s grace I did it. So the blog name has changed from Heritage of Grace to Apologetics Girl, which encapsulates what this blog is about: Equipping women and girls in doctrine, discernment and grace.
    Hope you like the new design! I’m still working on streamlining everything and in the meantime I will continue to post blog posts as before!
  2. A new book is coming out hopefully this July!! Stay tuned, I will have it for sale here on the website. Here’s a hint to what the book is about: it has something to do with the 500 year Reformation Aniversarry celebration taking place this year! 


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