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Looking for something to Read? Part 2

Finally, you get to read Part 2 of books that I review! If you liked Part 1 of this series, you will enjoy this post too. I’m always on the lookout for new books, so share the love and don’t hesitate to let me know about some of your favorite titles in the comment section below, just like I’m sharing books that I enjoy with you!

looking for something to read

Compact Bible Handbook

To all my friends reading this post, if you don’t already have this book, earnestly plan on buying it! 🙂 This is a very handy book to have alongside your Bible as you do your devotions! It is a must have for all who are serious about their knowledge of the Bible and growing deeper in their understanding of the historical background of the Scriptures. The size of the book is really practical, easy to stow and carry along in your purse. For each book of the Bible you are given:

Key Words
Key Verses
Authorship and Date
Historical Setting
An organized Outline of the whole book with verse references

And my personal favorite…they include a chart that visually organizes each book and has a timeline that places the events of the book in perspective at a glance. Shh, here’s a little secret. You can take this book with you at church, and during the preaching, check if your pastor has the correct context and making the correct applications, connections from the chapter/book he is preaching on!
Just saying, it’s good to check, you know?

Snow Treasure

It’s a fictional story based on some events that probably took place in WWII. It is staged in Norway, and details the daring and patriotic risks that some children took to protect their country during those dark times. There’s some mystery to it, and detective work, and all in all it keeps you reading! Fun for all ages I would say! The lessons learned are those of sacrifice, integrity, patriotism, and making the right choices when it’s hard.

Genetic Roulette

The title really tells the gist of the book. For anyone who wants to be an informed consumer, interested in nutrition, healthy eating, who cares about their health and protecting themselves from scientific experiments…this book is for you! It tells you what you didn’t know about GMO foods. If you don’t have patience reading this type of book, there’s also a documentary with the same title that you can watch. You can check if your local library carries it.

A Father’s Promise

This is a historical fiction from Bob Jones University, the story of a young Polish Jew boy. I liked this book, the characters, and the plot. Adventurous, and even scary at times. I enjoy reading books that have a realistic plot to them- giving them a flavor of a biography instead of historical fiction. The lessons that can be learned in this book are about obedience, courage, hope, and trust. It’s a touching story. Boys and girls alike can enjoy it.

Bridge to America

This is such a well-written book! It really flows and has style to it. Have you ever watched the An American Tail the story of Fievel the mouse? Well, this is the real Fievel boy and a semi-fictionalized version (based on the true story) of how he came to America, the hardships he and his family endured, and the joy of getting the chance at a new life. This book brought tears to my eyes. A must read! I would give copies of this book to all my friends who like reading, had I the money to afford it. 🙂

Hostage Lands

If you enjoy reading about ancient Rome, or the Celts, you’ll surely love this book!  I read it and could hardly put it down. It is like watching a movie- really captivating, and very realistic characters and dialog. I felt immersed in the action, as if I were the main character or a shadow following the person in the story. I wish it were a whole series. The first chapter was a little bit “dry” and made me think the story would be boring, but if you follow it after the first chapter, and the story unfolds, you’ll not want to stop reading! It’s one of those books that makes you miss the characters when you’re done reading, because you feel like they were real people.

The Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques 

If you like practical tips and natural, tested housekeeping techniques, you will enjoy this book. Teaches you how to make your own cleaning products and re-use stuff etc. If you like being frugal, this is also a plus. I would rate this book about 3 or 4 stars out of 5. This is because although it has some practical tips, a few of them I don’t find very useful for my own use since I”m not that “country”, some recipes I can find in other books too. But I it gives neat information on the sidelines and shows you how much you will save, and how you can protect yourself from bad chemicals, statistics etc. So, all the home-makers out there may want to check this out from the library or purchase it on Amazon of PaperBack Swap.

That’s the end of the list for now. Maybe I’ll make Part 3 of the series…would you like that?

5 thoughts on “Looking for something to Read? Part 2

  1. Oh, yes, please do a part 3…and part 4…and part 5 😀 Okay, at least do a part 3, okay? 🙂

    The Bible Handbook sounds like it would be quite helpful for Bible Bee studying. Can one get it off Amazon? Snow Treasure, A Father’s Promise and Bridge to America look very good…I’ll try to find them at our local library 🙂 Unfortunately, Hostage Lands isn’t at our library (I’ve already looked), so I’ll have to buy it, if I want to read it — how many pages is it?

    Sorry for all the questions! 🙂


    1. Dear Bethany,
      Actually, I’m really glad you want me to continue my book reviews! That shows me my readers like this topic- and I do too! I am planning on part 3 at least, and probably continuing the trend throughout the years, Lord willing. Definitely check those books out if you can! Yes you can find The Bible Handbook on Amazon, and all the rest of the books for really good prices. Hostage Lands is 228 pages minus the glossary and acknowledgements at the end of the book. It’s a fairly thin book- a fast read, but very action packed.

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