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Arrow-what? Arrowroot Powder – and its fascinating uses!


So what exactly is Arrowroot powder?

The root of an arrow?

The arrow of a root? 

Or a rooted arrow? 

Lame, I know. But exactly what is this exotic sounding stuff? In my nutritional pursuits (read research), I have made a wonderful discovery, and I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll.

I decided to format the information in a “fast-food” style for busy students, rushed mothers, speed-reading bloggers, swamped housewives, bustling pinners, and (whew!) everyone in-between who is low on time and just wants to get the important ideas without all my ramblings. Sound good? Here we go!

First, let’s clarify what arrowroot is. It is the root tubers of different plants, which is crushed into powder and used in food and cosmetics. It can be found at healthfood stores in the flour/cornmeal sections.


  • Are you gluten free? Good news! Arrowroot can be substituted for flour!
  • Better than cornstarch! Great in thickening puddings, gravy, sauces, thick soups- all things jello. Doesn’t make the mixture go cloudy like cornstarch does.
  • Easy to digest, good for babies who have digestive problems or transition to solid foods.
  • Keeps your home-made ice cream smooth: free of ice crystals!
  • Has neutral flavor so works with a lot of things

Health and Body Products

  • Great in making home-made deodorant 
  • Helps with stomach problems
  • May help remedy diarrhea, vomiting, nausea
  • Used for itching and skin infections
  • Used to prevent infections; in historical times it was used to inhibit gangrene
  • Used to extract poison from insect bites and such

I’m going to attempt using it in making natural body products, and cooking! What would you use it for?


3 thoughts on “Arrow-what? Arrowroot Powder – and its fascinating uses!

  1. Appreciation to my father who shared with me on the topic of this website, this web site
    is really remarkable.

    1. Oooh! Let me know how your recipes turn out! I have a deodorant recipe with arrowroot powder that I want to try, and if I make home-made pudding anytime soon I just might use arrowroot to make it nice and creamy!

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