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You know those weekends when you’re feeling kind of…meh? It was Saturday. The sky was a blanket of gray. It was chilly and wet outside. I was tired and not feeling 100%.

This definitely called for comfort food.

Pilaf. My dad makes really delicious pilaf. Warm, savory, flavorful, and dripping with butter. It’s the best rice dish you could ever ask for. It’s made with tender chicken breast, some broth/water, a few carrots, onions, and plenty of pepper. Simple goodness. You see, I’m not a big rice fan, but pilaf deserves to be in the category of comfort food.

Nevertheless, I can name a lot of dishes that I enjoy as comfort food, but I realized that pilaf is now one of them.

Pilaf is the sister of chicken soup-  you know how grandmothers say chicken soup cures the sick? (BTW, I also stand behind that claim. Chicken soup is essential for when you’re sick with a cold or flu). Well, pilaf is a close second. It makes the sick…smile?

Some of you may be wondering, where in the world is this pilaf dish actually from? It’s popular all over Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Of course it comes in a lot of different versions. I’m not sure where it actually originated, probably Greece or Turkey. There’s lots of different recipes online. We prefer a basic pilaf.

Another bonus is that pilaf is a simple and quick dish that even college students can learn to make. If you use a whole chicken, you can make two dishes from it: pilaf + chicken soup!

Anyway, back to my story. To complete the comfort food menu, I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (using it as an excuse that it was a fun activity the little ones could do with their 5 year old visiting friend) ;D

It didn’t stop there. My sister made a batch of special dark brownies with plenty of nuts on top, because she was already planning on baking them, and my impromptu chocolate chip cookie baking didn’t stop her from doing her scheduled baking. But don’t worry, the brownies were for the next day. Those brownies were moist, luxuriously delicious, and as dark as a starless sky.

In case you were wondering, brownies and cookies pair well with a glass of cold milk.


Yes, the cookies and pilaf compensated for my not-so-100% day.

Now you may be looking for the recipes for all these goodies. But… since this is not a baking or a cooking blog, those recipes don’t come for free 😉

You have to comment and let me know what is your comfort food!

Then in a few days, I’ll include the links in here for the brownie and chocolate chip cookie recipes, and find the recipe for the pilaf.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Oh, that’s fun, Becky! let me see…
    Stewed apples – Mum used to cook them when we were sick.
    White rice and peas with butter or soy sauce.
    And chocolate to nibble on 😉
    Hope you are feeling better now. Rhoda xx

    1. Thank you Rhoda, I am feeling great now! Chocolate always is a great booster. I never thought of stewed apples as comfort food during a cold/sickness but I think there can be quite a few benefits to it, since apples also have Vitamin C. Thanks for sharing those! It’s so interesting to find out what other people enjoy during illness or for comfort.

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