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Looking back at 2014 – review of my blog & life

I don’t think I ever did this before on the blog, but I decided to share some facts/statistics from 2014 pertaining to the blog, or just to my own life.

I’ll start with little facts from my own life

1. A verse near to my heart from last year:
“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together! I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears…” (Psalm 34:3-4)
The year 2014 brought some new and difficult challenges. There were days when the only thing that uplifted my spirits and calmed my fears was a verse from God’s Word that in a gentle, quiet, and specific way soothed my soul and heart. In fact, I cannot say that I have only one verse that is near to my heart, because the Lord sustained me with numerous verses. The whole book of Psalms for example, during one season in 2014, was a great blessing to me. 

2. A new hymn that I learned and enjoy listening to: Lo He Comes with Clouds Descending
The song has a beautiful combination of meditative melody and words.

3. An accomplishment I am proud of: By God’s grace, my family and I were able to run up 10,000 stair steps added up in 1 week.

4. Some fantastic books I read in 2014:
Made in His Image,
Discerning Truth.
There are a lot more, but I plan on a future blog post about these and other great books!

5. Watched snippets from best Creation Conference in the world: Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis.

And now for a little fun statistics about Heritage of Grace in 2014!

The most-viewed posts on this blog were:

1. How to Make Oatmeal Porridge Taste Better (most views came from- you guessed it, Great Britain!)
2. Update: Dangerous Books! (I’m glad this apologetics post had a good impact!)
3. Arrow-what? Arrowroot Powder and its fascinating uses!
4.  Why I Don’t Participate in “Christian” Occult Media- Guest Post
5. Discover the Benefits of Hazelnuts 

Top commenters were:

Amanda, Katie H., Bonnie, Rhoda, and Esther Filbrun. Thank you ladies! Always enjoy hearing your thoughts!
And to the rest of you- I’d enjoy getting to know you more! Comments always enrich a blog post and your thoughts are appreciated.

Have a blessed 2015!

4 thoughts on “Looking back at 2014 – review of my blog & life

  1. Becky, I love that Hymn too 🙂

    Now redemption, long expected,
    See in solemn pomp appear;
    All His saints, by man rejected,
    Now shall meet Him in the air:
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    See the day of God appear!

    It could happen this year!


  2. Okay, that puts me to shame now that you’ve mentioned me. I know I don’t comment much (at all!), and knowing I’m a top commenter that means that my comments have all the more impact. I’ll have to remember from now on. 🙂

    Thank you for all your encouraging posts! I’m looking forward to another year’s worth!

    By the way–loved this informal list. Something about it is just fun. I’ll also have to check out that song–thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t heard that one before.

    1. Why thank you Esther! I really appreciate your comments, and I definitely meant to mention you all as a praise, definitely not to make you feel bad! 🙂

      Yes, I love that song. Have you listened to any new songs this year?

      Also, feel free to share a list of your own too!

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