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Funny incident: Two days ago we had an unexpected visitor. A stray chicken from our neighbors came walking around our property! What a surprise and commotion it caused! My mom chased it and caught it before it could get on the road and get run over by a car. We didn’t know where to put it, because… Read More Life snippets

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Practical Tips: How not to care about what people think (PART 2)

Continuing from (Part 1),  Many people have this inner struggle of worrying about the opinion of others. It pops up occasionally in everyone’s life, whether we know it or not.  Here are some practical tips to overcome the struggle. Please read all the Bible verses because they are the most important, core tips! 🙂    Finding out God’s… Read More Practical Tips: How not to care about what people think (PART 2)

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Paradoxes in American Society

I’ve noticed some paradoxes in American society and in the popular culture around the world. There are catch phrases that are used ad nauseam like “be yourself”, which are employed by psychologists, fashion experts, business advisers, sociologists and all the rest, to encourage people to have a “positive self image” and to find their “niche”. But these concepts/slogans are increasingly used in many churches today.… Read More Paradoxes in American Society