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Youtube Channels We Enjoy PART II



Did you enjoy the first post about youtube channels we enjoy? I have a few more channels that you may find interesting or useful. I’m trying to get a lot of things accomplished today so that I feel good about my time management before I go to work tonight, haha! This blog post is on my to-do list and I really hope you will enjoy it. 

* Extra specials*  I included some favorite stand-alone videos that my family and I enjoy and are not necessarily channels.

A great idea is to keep this post as reference to pull up whenever you need something to watch- just bookmark the blog post, pin it on pinterest, post it to your facebook page or save the link in your inbox or whatever. 

Our Favorite Youtube Channels For Adults and Children

Military Surprise Homecomings

Warning: You may get a lump in your throat and your eyes may water involuntarily by watching these videos. My family and I love watching soldiers and military troops coming home from deployment and surprising their family. Seeing their reaction, their tears, and the joy light up the faces of children and family is just priceless. The creativity of these soldiers is also fun: they surprise their family and friends at school, at work, at graduations, in the store- everywhere! It’s really moving (and addicting) to watch. They’re not necessarily found on one single channel, because these videos are uploaded by a variety of people. So I just gave you a link to how we look it up.

Chem Guy

Not your boring old chemistry teacher- this chem guy is different. If you ever need help to understand chemistry, and organic chemistry- then Chem Guy is your person! He is an award winning teacher of chemistry, and has an easy, entertaining (and funny) way of making hard chemistry concepts understandable. I can testify he was helpful because I passed my chemistry classes with A’s and I used his videos to learn as well (and prayer and God’s grace!).

Senor Jordan

If you live in the United States, many of you may be learning Spanish, or need to brush up on your Spanish, or taking Spanish classes. Or you may simply want to learn a new language. This guy is helpful with all the grammar and pronunciation that you may struggle with. He’s another “online teacher” I used while in college. Sometimes he annoyed me- but honestly, he is kind of the best Spanish guy on youtube, who has the clearest and to-the-point lessons on Spanish.

Songs of Praise

When you need uplifting, quality music, you can find it at Songs of Praise, a British (BBC) channel. These videos show a combination of professional choirs as well as lots of volunteers who sing hymns recorded in cathedrals with good quality sound. I would recommend watching just the hymns on their channel, because  they have a variety of other artists they invite to sing- many of which are secular, because after all it’s a secular TV show. This channel isn’t the only one we use, but you can find a lot of the hymns on here. Some of our favorites are “Tell out My Soul”, “And Can It Be”, “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” and “To God be the Glory”.

Family Travel

I don’t know about you, but I love watching travel videos! I just came across this channel recently, and I think they have quite a few interesting videos that are family friendly. I saw one about Switzerland, as well as historical places in the United States. They do taste testing of new food and areas to explore in different countries. Check them out!

Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa

These Smart Travels videos can also be found on to watch for free if you have an account. Smart Travels go to historic and beautiful European countries in Europe such as Italy, France, Scotland, Spain, and so forth. As well as places around the world like Sydney Australia, and Hong Kong. The narrator/traveler is an older gent named Rudy Maxa. He’s not as spunky as a younger person who goes traveling, but he has a style of telling details about places and exploring areas that really give you the cultural experience and makes you want to visit. My personal favorite was Switzerland.

Liberty’s Kids

This animated series is about the American Revolutionary War. It’s a pretty neat way for kids to learn history. And even if you’re not an American, it’s a great way to learn about the history of the United States. My family likes learning about the history of other nations as well- it’s very enriching. Liberty’s Kids tell the real historical events through the eyes of a group of kids/preteens.

Blue Angels Documentary

The Blue Angels are a group of US Navy professional fighter jets who do awesome air show exhibitions- the best in the world I may say 😉 . This video is a fabulously fascinating documentary where you get to go behind the scenes and see how they train and how rigorous the life of a Blue Angel pilot can be!

Bigger Bolder Baking

Because baking is always a good idea! Gemma is an Irish who is married to an American and lives in California. What a combination! She has some tasty baking videos and she is known for cute cheesecake mugs and making desserts that can be baked in a mug and microwaved.

Cowboy Kent Rollins 

If you want to see videos about real cowboy cooking, rugged, home-on-the-range type of life you can watch Kent Rollins. He is an American cowboy cook and he was even on the cooking channel “Chopped” for an episode. He cooks out of a real 1800s chuck wagon for many ranches. And he even has 2 cookbooks that have interesting tales of his experience of cooking for cowboys and ranch life. My sister wants to get one of his cookbooks.

The LEGO Story 

One of the cutest historical animation I’ve ever seen! I just love the LEGO story- the history behind the company of LEGO, how it started and grew. I never knew the history, and I love learning about things like these! I wish I could make animation videos like these for a lot of historical stories, and even Bible stories like this! The quality of the video is very good and our entire family watched this video! I give this video a 5 stars.

Smarter Every Day

This channel was recommended to me by a dear friend, and if she doesn’t mind I’ll include it here because I already like this channel, even though I just found out about it! This channel has interesting videos about scientific things, by a really entertaining engineer. It ranges from bicycles to slow motion videos, to microscopic views of things. He reminds me of Steve Spangler who I wrote about in the first post about youtube channels.

What channels to you enjoy watching? 

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    1. Hi Audrey!

      Thanks for leaving feedback! I always love sharing ideas, and it’s great when readers share theirs because it enriches me too! That channel sounds very interesting, and I will definitely check it out! It might become my family’s new favorite channel, haha 😀 Homesteading and wrangling, though they require a lot of work, are some pretty dynamic lifestyles, and it’s inspiring to watch!

      What kind of hobbies, activities interest you? Did you find any channels on youtube that are your style/interest?

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