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Youtube Channels We Enjoy PART 1



My family and I don’t watch TV, but we’re well informed about all the topics and trends that take place in society.  We discuss everything together, we have a variety of news sources we access, and we research anything from DIY to art and science on the web, in books and such. 

Did you know, entertainment is not a concept in the Bible? Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we should have fun or entertain ourselves. Of course that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy ourselves- but it is wise if we use our time for relaxing and enjoyment with things that are useful, constructive and honor the Lord, keeping in mind the verse

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. (Phil 4:8)

Therefore, we enjoy youtube because there is a wide, wide variety of topics on there, and you can be really selective with what you watch and at the same time cultivate a lot of new knowledge and enjoy yourself! 

Our Favorite Youtube Channels For Adults and Children

Laura Vitale Kitchen Italian American youtube cook. Her husband films and she is the cook. She has a unique down to earth way of doing her videos and interesting things such as cooking with her Grandmother “Nonna” in Italy! 

How It’s Made – From bubble gum to rubber tires- you get to see the whole process of how things are made! It’s fascinating and very educational! There are more videos of how things are made in other channels too- so check them out! 

Jas Townsend & Son – A really unique channel that shows how cooking was done in the 18th century as well as the costumes and life during that time! They even have a short movie series about two soldiers during the Revolutionary War, made by the people of the Jas Townsend company!

Fireman Sam – Cartoon that displays real life scenarios, mainly for preschoolers and younger children. Best one out there.

Johnathan Bird – This is great for little kiddos, all about the sea and aquatic animals. The diver has a captivating way of talking and the information presented in the videos are interesting for children and adults alike! We all learned new things watching these videos! 

Cedarmont kids  Sing along Bible songs for kids with real cute kids! There are a lot of sing along videos out there, but many are low quality or very, very contemporary. These are the best. 

Steve Spangler Science – Cool science experiments for “big” kids and little kids! Steve Spangler knows how to be amusing yet explain science concepts so that even the littlest kids understand. We are selective with the ones we watch.

Betty Crocker Kitchen – Although our family would never eat the kind of desserts Betty Crocker does, with artificial colors, flavors and cake mix, their videos are fun to watch how they create different cakes- quite mesmerizing because everything looks very perfect. 😀 

The Story Keepers Cartoons that tell Bible stories. They really help children learn many New Testament lessons! This is  not the only channel that has The Story Keepers, we find them by just searching on youtube too! 

More coming later! 

Tell me what you enjoy watching! 

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