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Why you should avoid the Noblesse Band- Exposing the Cult Behind the Music

The Band

The Noblesse band is composed of three ladies who are gaining popularity on Youtube, Facebook and among some Evangelical Christian circles. They are originally from Romania and they borrow songs like “In Christ Alone” by Keith & Krystin Getty, and sing renditions of Christian hymns that they borrowed from Evangelicals. Why do I say “borrowed”? Continue reading and you will see. 

With professional videography and sound recording, Noblesse sounds like a band that offers some wholesome music without the worldly “Christian Rock” so many contemporary bands sing. At first glance it seems like they are just like other bands such as The Wissmann Familyor the Pettit Team who are Evangelical bands, but behind the Noblesse band hides a dangerous cult

They look like a Christian Evangelical band- but they are not. If you look on their Facebook page you will see the members of the band come from a Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA church).  

So who are the Seventh Day Adventists?

Aren’t they just another branch of Christianity?

Why should you avoid them? 

Behind the Mask-  Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Founder 

Ellen G. White was the founder of Seventh Day Adventism. She was hit in the head with the rock when she was 9 years old and it took her 3 weeks to recover. Since then, she started having “visions” and claimed they were from God and she was God’s prophet and her prophesies were “inspired” (source). She only had a 3rd grade education

Here are just a few of her many, many problems, deviations, heresies and blasphemies: 

  • Ellen White claimed to have visions from God she was demonically controlled and had numerous occult transes. Read more in the resources links below. 
  • Ellen White plagiarized extensively- and claimed to have written 5000 articles, 49 books and 57 manuscripts. The SDA church was sued on plagiarism in her book Sketches from the Life of Paul, and they lost the case and had to take the book out of print (Let Us Reason, 2012). 
  • Ellen White was racist-  She claimed some people like the African bushmen or Native American Indians were a combination between animal and man (source)
  • She forbade her followers from eating meat while she herself gorged on venison, fish, chicken, mutton stew, oysters, dried beef and bologna sausage! (source and source).
  • She made ridiculous scientific claims that costs her followers their lives-  she made “scientific” statements in areas such as pharmacology, medicine, zoology, geology, astronomy, etc. (source)
  • She made many prophesies that all failed  (source)

Behind the Mask-  Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Beliefs 

These are just a few of the many, many doctrinal heresies that the SDA have

  • They claim Ellen G. White’s writings are equal to the Bible, that they are infallible, authoritative and that she was a prophet.
  • They demand that followers keep the Sabbath on Saturday. They promote the blasphemy that Sunday is the day of Antichrist and is “the mystery of lawlessness” according to Ellen G. White (Conflict of Ages, by E.G. White, p. 54). 
  • They published their own version of the Bible “The Clear Word Bible” where they edited the Bible to fit their Adventist beliefs and cut out portions of Scripture that contradict them
  • In early stages, due to the husband of Ellen White (James White) the SDA denied the diety of Christ. But since they’re on a constant quest to be in the mainstream, they changed their views. 
  • They do not believe in Hell. They claim the non-believers will be annihilated- go out of existence. 
  • They believe the heresy that you can become “perfect” or reach “sinlessness” on earth (Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 6, p. 1118)
  • They believe Salvation is by Sabbath keeping, doing good works and keeping the 10 Commandments 
  • They gain followers by promoting “healthy living” and telling people to become vegetarians, but they always hide who they are. They do not tell people they are SDA. 


  • The Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult are an offshoot of the SDA church.

NOTE: Christians do not worship on Saturday because we are not under the Old Covenant, and do not keep the Sabbath. We are under the New Covenant and worship on the first day of the week, Sunday, when Christ rose from the dead. The “Sabbath” and the “First Day of the Week” are two distinct days with two distinct meanings. Sunday is not a Christian Sabbath. If you want to read more details see here (Is Sunday the “Christian Sabbath”?)


More Resources about Seventh Day Adventists

4 thoughts on “Why you should avoid the Noblesse Band- Exposing the Cult Behind the Music

  1. I see that this post was made at least a year ago but I found it helpful. I was looking for a specific song (“Bow the Knee”) and saw that this group sang it. As I listened to them, I could tell that their first language was not English. So I looked them up to see where they were from. When I saw the other songs that they have sung, I was appalled! I saw your article and now I understand. I also understand more about the Seventh Day Adventist cult now. So, all that to say, thank you for writing this. 🙂

    1. Megan, I just now got your comment. I want to say thanks for the feedback, I am glad to hear that God used this article to inform you about the Seventh Day Adventists!!

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