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What Luther wants you to know!

This is a monumental year, and I am doing my best to absorb the reality of its magnitude. To be living now when we celebrate 500 years since the Protestant Reformation, one of the most important events since the time of Christ? Wow! Privileged aren’t we?  

As a Christian you have a duty to be informed about the Reformation. Yes, it’s a duty. And there are plenty of resources out there, but you gotta pick the best. So here are some that I know are the best. 

Ronald Bainton. He gets five stars as an author. His book on Luther is a masterpiece, richly historical, multidimensional. If you want to know Luther (like really, really know Luther) read his book Here I Stand: A life of Martin Luther


There’s also a new release by Dr. Lutzer, a German like Luther. Plus their names are so similar. Dr. Lutzer has been pastoring at Moody Bible Church for about 35 years now! And he came out with a really neat book about the Reformation. His book is Rescuing the Gospel. It has pictures too, for those with short attention span, he said 😉 

If you’re not into books you’ll get a frown from me. But I won’t let you off the hook easy! You can watch “Luther”, an epic movie that really gives you the details in a way that’s easier to digest. 


(image via wikipedia)

And don’t forget the women of the Reformation. Luther himself mentioned that the world would not function if women were not part of it. Sooo, then you have to read about Jeanne D’Albret.

I hope you already know about my new book Princess of the Reformation: Jeanne D’Albret. It’s made for ages 5 to 100 so it’s guaranteed to be easy to read! Grab it off Amazon or Barnes&Noble online! And learn about the wives of the Reformers by coloring my new coloring book! 





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