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Special Book Release for 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation!

Dear friends,

My new book “Princess of the Reformation: Jeanne D’Albret” is now on the market on Amazon and Barnes&Noble! So excited and grateful to the Lord!

“Rebekah Dan has written and illustrated a wonderfully informative story of one of the Protestant Reformation’s lesser-known figures, Jeane D’Albret. This true story of courage, faith, and sacrifice will certainly inspire children and parents alike to learn more about their Protestant heritage and seek to honor Christ in all they do.”
J. V. Fesko
Academic Dean
Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology

Westminster Seminary California

“I am pleased to commend Rebekah Dan’s delightful historical children’s book. Not only will children find the artwork and well-written story line engaging and entertaining, but they will learn important spiritual truths in the bargain. Nicely done!”
Dr. Alan Gomes, Professor of Theology,
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

This year in October we celebrate 500 years since the Protestant Reformation, a historical year! Most people are familiar with Martin Luther the reformer, but many have not heard about a woman who was instrumental in establishing the Reformation in France- Jeanne D’Albret, a royal who possessed faith and courage, and sacrificed much for the truth.

I wanted Jeanne’s story to be known and had the idea in 2011, but the Lord gave me the opportunity this year! The book is self-published and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in hardcover and Kindle edition! I would be honored and grateful if you spread the word to all your friends and family on social media, so more people find out Jeanne’s story!

Watch the 1 minute Book Trailer on youtube!




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