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Uplifting Songs

I wished to post these lovely songs around Easter, but here I am, posting it nearly a week later.

Yet these songs are so uplifting, that I definitely wanted you all to listen to them too! I posted some of them on my music page as well.

Make sure you raise up your volume to max, to get the full feeling of the song! It gives you the sense of what heaven will be like!

My family and I just recently discovered Songs of Praise a program by BBC, on youtube. They sing the well-known hymns in such a beautiful and professional way, it’s like a spring rain to find such quality music amongst all the displeasing contemporary so called “Christian” Rock Music that is so common in evangelical churches today. And to think that BBC a secular program, would air such heavenly music!

Please do listen, and it will surely uplift your heart and spirit! Praise the Lord that we still find this today. There are many more on youtube, but I gave you a sample of some of my favorite. Let me know how you like them.

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