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Mother’s Day (and free printable)

Free Printable “All About my Mom”

Do you want to know how our mother’s day went?

You probably don’t care, but I’ll tell you anyway! By the Lord’s grace, we were able to pull off a lovely mother’s day surprise even though I am terribly busy in the last stretch of the semester.

Don’t even ask me how I did this post when I am entering finals week- but I just did because I thought it was too special to keep to myself.

So, the theme was Pink. Pink ribbon, garland, (purplish-pink) flowers…and so on.

Our mom was surprised and touched by some of the “new” things we incorporated into our usual Mother’s Day breakfast. I’ll let the pictures show some of the highlights of our decor.

Pinterest has some sweet ideas for decorations too 😉

The banner and heart garland were new additions, and the jar with notes. That was two ideas I put together. I got the idea of making an “All about my Mother” card (from pinterest) where me and my sisters fill in different information about our mom, such as “my mom cooks the best….” I made my own version of it, in black and white since we don’t have a color printer. Here is the link to a printable PDF file: all about my mom. Then we put them all in the jar, and mom picked out one by one and read them aloud. It was really special. It brought laughter, smiles and fun, and she cherished those comments a lot. It’s a great idea to do for your mom’s birthday if you’d like!

My little sisters also made some really charming cards.

Oh, and the cupcakes too! We finally found a good cupcake recipe. Despite our love for baking, cupcakes were just one thing that never seemed to come out right for us. Go figure.

BUT, this time they were great! To see more details on that, and where to find the recipe, visit Jessica the Baker‘s blog!

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (and free printable)

  1. That’s beautiful!!! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into it, but it paid off! Good luck with your finals tests. 🙂

  2. Aww, this is so sweet, Becky! It looks like y’all made a lovely surprise for your mom!

    I’ll be praying for you with your upcoming finals!

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