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Three legendary horses

There’s something special about horses. So will it surprise you to discover that the horse is my favorite animal?

I can hear you say: You and everybody else.

But what’s not to like about horses?

Horses are thrilling, inspiring, majestic, and one of God’s most beautiful animal creatures.

So, here are three of my favorite horses. They were racehorses, and champions of their time.

A long time ago, I found this book at the library. It’s an interesting read- a documentary. This horse (Man O’ War) was the grandfather of the next horse pictured below whose name was Seabiscuit. Man o’ War was the world champion horse of the 21st century (if I have my facts down correctly). If you like history, and horses, you should check this book out.

Seabiscuit was another champion horse, but what was really inspiring in his story, is that both the horse and his jockey overcame much difficulty to rise to their position. There’s even a movie about Seabiscuit as you can tell by the interesting photo above; but my family and I didn’t watch it, since I looked up information on the movie and learned it has some bad scenes and language in it.  However, you can check out a great documentary on Seabiscuit and his jockey online at American Experience- PBS!


Shergar is another legendary horse. He was an Irish racehorse. Unfortunately his life had a tragic and mysterious end…no one knows exactly how he died or what happened, but there are many believable theories about his death. There is a fictionalized movie about him which stays quite true to the facts in general. I loved learning about Shergar and the Irish setting he was in!

So if you like horses, now you have some fun things to look up in your spare time!

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