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Fundamentals…(Part 4) Agonizing in battle against sin

Agonizing in battle against sin

Soon after becoming a Christian, one will experience a growing number of attacks from the evil one. As the believer grows in Christ, he/she will come to learn that being well equipped with Biblical knowledge about sanctification and being strengthened by the Holy Spirit, he/she will have to do their part by opposing sin to the point of agony. To those who are nonbelievers, a Christian may appear as one who has an inner turmoil. This is because of the inner battle with sin that every believer goes through. Through this process however, the Holy Spirit brings comfort and victory, and the believer will experience periods of joy and praise. In the following verse, the apostle Paul admonishes the Hebrew believers for not doing their part in the battle against sin. He urges them to follow his example of determination as he imitates Christ. (Hebrews 12:1-4).


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