Snippets of My Day…

Get a glimpse of random things that are part of my day this sunny Monday morning

Drinking hot cocoa

Reading Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond

Eating apple sauce on toast

Doing homework, drawing in perspective

Listening to hymn Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing on youtube


Studying for an exam


What are your activities today?

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5 thoughts on “Snippets of My Day…

  1. Today I baked banana bread, planned a business venture, visited with family, taught my six year-old niece how to knit, ate banana bread 😉 and homemade pizza while watching the black and white old film “The Mark of Zorro” with my family. It was a fun, unplanned sort of day.

    1. Dear M.O.

      I like your blog name BTW. My family and I also like banana bread, but we haven’t made it in awhile. Trying to cut back on baking too much.
      Planning a business venture and knitting sounds like a whole lot of fun! I subscribed to your blog, and I imagine we will have quite a bit in common 😉

  2. Hello there, i’m your neighbour at the link up over at Thoughtful Thursday. Lovely site…of course I’m not a young lady (except in my heart). I’d love to pass your blog on to one of my daughters though! I have four, they are almost 22, 21, 16 and 6.

    Lovely to meet you…God bless!

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Thanks for the visit, and I would be honored if you would pass along my blog to your daughters! I look forward to getting to “virtually” meet them if they want to comment. 🙂


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