Sharing: A collection of lovely things


So many lovely things I wanted to share with you from last month
and the beginning of April….


A day after the rains in March, the sky was speckled with gorgeous clouds.
So perfectly blue was the sky- and so perfectly fluffy were those clouds!

I couldn’t resist capturing a memory of that day! 



Sunshine, early green leaves, and blossoms…
the sight of bees adds to the touch of spring! 


Gentle breezes…


Blooming freesias! What a joy, and what a fragrance! 


And ranuculus flowers also in season…their rose-like features making them so dear to me.
I missed the delicate pink ranuculus this year though…


finding time to draw when I can…


…and sending the drawing with a letter, to a female Marine (soldier) in Afghanistan

So that was a summary of some lovely things
that I’ve enjoyed the past weeks.
What things did you find inspiring and lovely?
Or what special moments did you recently enjoy with the Lord, or in your Bible reading, or even outside in God’s beautiful nature?

6 thoughts on “Sharing: A collection of lovely things

  1. Hello Rebekah!

    I enjoyed reading this post! You did a wonderful job describing the things you’ve been doing recently! Thanks for sharing with us. All the photos turned out great! Do you ever edit your photos?

    That sky is so pretty and blue, with white fluffly kinds. Right now, where we live, it’s kind of cold. It’s not dark, but not sunshiny either. Too bad…

    The next photo is so pretty! I like the sun light, bright green leaves, white blossoms and not to mention, the little bee! How cute 🙂

    I like your weather vane, especially the rooster!

    Yay, your freesias bloomed! How exciting that most be. I’ve heard you talk about them before, but never seen them. They are so bright and pretty. Thanks for sharing the photo so I see what they look like. It that your favorite flower?

    Your rose is also *very* pretty. We have two rose bushes, but they haven’t bloomed yet. One of them will have red roses, the other will have pink roses. I can’t wait!

    Oh, Becky! You did a wonderful job in your drawing! It turned out so nice! I enjoy seeing what other people draw, and this is no exception! It turned out great!

    I hope you don’t mind long comments, because this one is quite long. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    Blessings, dear friend!
    Bethany Joy

    1. Thanks for the comment Bethany! Don’t worry, I really enjoy long comments, you can ramble on as much as you like 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment on the drawing too! It was really enjoyable drawing it after quite a long break from drawing (because of lack of time).

  2. Hi Becky! I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have time at the moment to comment much or share any answers to your questions, but…
    *gasp* Your drawing is amazing! You do a great job. Since I enjoy drawing (every once in a while when I have a bit of time :), I’m always inspired when I see things that other people have drawn. Well, I’ll probably comment again later on…
    Have a great evening!

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