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My Writing Corner: The Puritans

I love American history! Don’t you? My favorite part of history is the colonial times, and the westward pioneer times….I believe those time periods from the colonial times to the westward movement were the embodiment of the true America.

You obviously already read the title of this post: The Puritans.


That word makes some people’s hair stand on end…while for others it has a lot of meaning and significance. Well, you dear readers probably think I wrote a short story on puritans. While I do enjoy reading about them, and learning more about their lifestyle, I haven’t (yet) begun a story about puritans. *hint, hint* That means I probably will.

But here’s the reality. I was caught in a tornado of work the past week. 
No time to breathe= no time to write. 🙂 
While I was thinking about my little writing corner, and feeling that I’ve left tumbleweeds roll around long enough, an idea came to mind.

I want to share with you a paper that I wrote about Puritans in a history class last semester. You could say its a paper in defense of puritans, because the general attitude of the instructor and the students in that class was somewhat antagonistic to these historical figures.

A paper? You’re thinking, while posing to hit the close button.

Yes, a paper. Don’t worry, It’s not very long, and I don’t think it will be that boring to read. Besides, it has some nice websites with neat info about the puritans.  

It was a good challenge and a good exercise to write this paper. I enjoyed writing, and was glad to find some good arguments in behalf of the puritans (as a soldier would find good fighting tactics).

Read it here:  

The Puritans (Word)

The Puritans (PDF)


And as I always say…do share your thoughts.

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