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Rain…or Fog

You know how that saying goes…”rain or shine”?

Well in our case, one day, it was rain… or fog.

My family and I went running together recently, at our favorite running place. It was a chilly but fairly sunny day. But when we arrived, it suddenly started getting foggy, and in a matter of minutes we were engulfed in a cloud.

Like this:

No matter, we still went running. Rain…or fog. Right? Brrr!

Have you ever been running in a fog? I can tell you, it can be quite an experience!  We’ve been running in fog before, but this one was so dense, you could only see about two or three feet in front of you. The rest was a sea of grayish-white.

Or a wall of grayness.

If you stopped and thought about it, you almost felt like you were underwater.

Once in awhile you would start seeing a darker shadow or two in the distance, and as you kept running, the shadow became silhouettes and then you passed by a person or two who were walking by.

This is us in the fog:

Yeah, those barely visible heads in the darkness is us. And it was cold!

I don’t have a fancy thingamabob of a phone…and this is all it could get. Yes, it was that foggy, and so little light that the camera made it slightly darker than it was.

Can you see us smiling? 😉

Despite the fog, we completed our run, thankfully without tripping and falling over :).  And it felt good and invigorating in the end.  Praise the Lord!

And as I thought about this blog post…and about the fog…and running, I realized it can be compared to our spiritual walk. Paul the apostle compares our Christian life with that of an athlete, or a soldier. The life of a Christian is a constant battle, a training, we are always on the move.  And we have to continue running (so to speak) with the Lord as our leader, in our pursuit of His Word, and godliness in any season; whether we are going through a nice and sunny season, a dark and rainy season, or even a foggy or confusing season. Even when we seem to be engulfed in a sea of gray fog, God is still there with us- with you. And in the end, if we continue to ask Him for strength, and let Him lead the way, the fog will fade away and the sun will shine through.

We just have to keep running.

 I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 3:14) 

1 thought on “Rain…or Fog

  1. Wow, that’s thick fog! Must have been really neat to have it appear so quickly (though, maybe not since y’all were trying to run). Great job with the parallel to the Christian life. It’s so helpful to find illustrations in everyday situations!

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