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God’s Fingerprint: The Special Molecule Inside You!

Let’s do a little science today!

I’m so excited to share with you an interesting bit of scientific information that will remind you how perfect and detailed God’s creation is, and how “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) you are!




This little molecule is an important protein in the body which functions to support cells and connect them together. If we look at the layers of the cells in our body and skin cells, we will notice there are many strata of different types of cells. The foundation to which the cells are attached is called the basal lamina, or the lamina. This is where the cells are anchored. The laminin molecule makes up this lamina base. The basal lamina is like a sheet of interconnections between the laminin molecules.


The most interesting thing about the laminin molecule is its shape. Laminins are glycoproteins that act as a glue and are present in every tissue in the body! There are several variations of the trimeric shpe of laminin, and one is this cross shape! The structure of this molecule allows it to attach to cells and anchor them to the basal membrane.


If laminins are dysfunctional in the body, many different problems can come up such as nephrotic syndrome (kidney problems), or muscular dystrophy.

Isn’t it exciting and interesting that God chose to place a little molecule inside of us which plays such a vital role of keeping our cells “glued together”, and it is in the shape of a cross? I think it’s a reminder that we only live because of the Cross and through Christ, and we have life because of Christ’s sacrifice. It can also remind us that Christ built up and keeps the church body together like our body is glued together by this laminin molecule.

Isn’t it such a beautiful display of God’s fingerprint in His creation? I’m certain the Lord has purposely hidden special proofs of His design (like this laminin molecule) for us to discover in all parts of His creation and to marvel and rejoice over like finding a little treasure.

Praise the Lord!

What other interesting design details in creation do you know about? 

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  1. have you watched the Passion Talk “How Great Is Our God”?? It’s not my ‘typical’ thing to watch, but it’s got THIS VERY THING IN IT and that DVD is special to me because God used it in a mighty way in a dark time for me <3 <3 I wrote a short story on it… I'll email it to you 🙂 GREAT post :):):)

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