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Everyone Should Have This in Their Medicine Cabinet!


Charcoal. Yes, those little black chunks used for fire. A little chimney boy covered in soot might also come to mind.

But you might be surprised to know charcoal can have medicinal properties!  Activated Charcoal, that is. In fact, it’s something that may keep you from running to the emergency room, as you’ll find out below!

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is oxygen-treated carbon, which becomes very porous and can adsorb a lot of toxins and substances that pass through the little pores and come in contact with the charcoal. It has no odor, or taste. To make sure things are clear, Activated Charcoal is NOT the same thing as charcoal used for fire or other carbon from firewood. Activated Charcoal can be bought from local health food stores, or even in your local pharmacy. The most effective form of Activated Charcoal is the powder. There are also capsules and tablets you can buy.

It is used in emergency rooms to treat poisoning, so even doctors use it, and it’s approved by the FDA!

The Many Benefits of Activated Charcoal!

  • Treats food poisoning by adsorbing the poison!

  • Treats spider and insect bites by also adsorbing the poison!

  • Very useful for getting rid of toxic and poisonous substances that have been swallowed!

  • Whitens teeth!

  • Treats mushroom poisoning

  • Treats poison ivy

  • Eliminates toxins, heavy metals, and other drugs like pesticides, mercury, lead, etc.

  • Can be useful in treating snake bites in emergencies

Why You should Get Some!

If you have children in your home, it’s best to have some Activated Charcoal on hand. Different emergencies come up. They swallow something toxic, someone gets bitten by a poisonous spider, or another person has an indigestion, or got stung by a bee. Some of these need immediate attention and treatment, and what better way to do that, than to have the remedy on hand at home? It may even save you a trip to the emergency room, or help while going there.

Here is a good list on how to use Activated Charcoal for each of those situations.

A more cosmetic way of using activated charcoal is to rub some on your teeth and leave it there for awhile before washing it off. It can whiten your teeth as mentioned before. There are even soaps made with activated charcoal. It is used in air purifying masks and water purifying filters, so you can be sure it’s safe. Just make sure you read how to use it, and don’t substitute it for medication. Make sure you ask your doctor first before using if you are on medication or have other medical issues.

A Final Note

Activated Charcoal can really stain your clothes, so be careful how you use it! Now go out there and get some, and keep a bit handy in your purse or car first aid kit. Now that I told you all this, I should take my own advice and go buy some too!


10 thoughts on “Everyone Should Have This in Their Medicine Cabinet!

    1. Hi Audrey,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post! Yes, you should definitely consider getting some, and I think it’s useful to have some in your purse in case of emergencies. The type of activated charcoal that I got was put in little pills, which was convenient.

    1. Hello Judith,

      Thank you for stopping by, I love having new visitors! I stopped by your blog and saw that you have a link up on Wednesdays, which sounds great, so I’ll join in the fun! Yes, definitely look up on getting some activated charcoal.

  1. Years ago my son was given charcoal (after he was forced to vomit) to absorb Visine. I didn’t know that you could just buy it. I’ll look into it. Although, I still think I would head to the doctor, too.

    1. Yes, definitely I would go to the doctor too. Yet it’s always nice to have something handy too in an emergency, and when I discovered the benefits of activated charcoal I was amazed! 🙂 I think you may find it at a health food store.

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