Art, For the Soul

Midweek Music

Here are two lovely folk/Irish songs played on guitar, to bring some melody in your life in the middle of the week, you know, for those days when you look forward to the weekend. It’s a little tradition I will be starting on this blog- a midweek music series. I hope you enjoy these melodies as much as I… Read More Midweek Music



Here’s a quick overview of all the creative work that has been going on in my house in clusters of creativity throughout the summer. Sprinkled among the more recent works of art are a few projects that were done months earlier but never quite made it onto the blog until now.   I love any excuse to… Read More Creativity


Recycled Orchestra

This video makes me tremendously grateful for all the blessings that God has given me. Sometimes we tend to get caught up in the rush of life and overlook the little daily blessings, and unintentionally take them for granted. I’m left speechless and humbled looking at these kids. God created humans with such ingenuity, such creativity that it is… Read More Recycled Orchestra


The Art of Pyrography

py·rog·ra·phy noun \pīˈrägrəfē\ 1:  the art or process of producing designs or pictures (as on wood or leather) by burning or scorching with hot instruments. 2:  ornamentation or a piece of ornamentation produced by pyrography. I have a new hobby. I was gifted a wonderful wood burning pen awhile ago, and I was able to try my… Read More The Art of Pyrography