Here’s a quick overview of all the creative work that has been going on in my house in clusters of creativity throughout the summer. Sprinkled among the more recent works of art are a few projects that were done months earlier but never quite made it onto the blog until now.


I love any excuse to try new lettering ideas. And it’s even more fun to send a card through snail mail. So I made a friend this card pictured above, by copying a pretty ‘A’ letter design from Pinterest. I am pleased with how it turned out, and it was exciting to hear she loved it too.




At the end of July, a lady from church ordered some cupcakes with little owls for her daughter’s 1st birthday. My sister took on the task of making fondant art. This was her work station.


I maintain, for the sake of reminding you of my food beliefs, that food coloring and cake mix are considered “food heresies” (if you could call it that) in my worldview :). But this is what our customer ordered, so we made it exactly to her wishes. Yet, the designs turned out so cute that I couldn’t resist sharing how great they look.



In addition to the little owls, my sister also made a larger owl to put on the birthday cake. It looks quite charming. Though it was tedious work, I look forward to our experimenting more with fondant, using natural food coloring. The possibilities are endless. It’s just like play dough.


This is my little Irish/nautical knot headband inspired from pinterest. I decided to use red, white and blue faux leather strips to do my headband. I made it early in the summer or spring but never got to put it up on the blog.


The headband is not quite finished yet, but I love the way the knot turned out. I still have to add some rubber band or connector at the ends to make it wearable. I like the patriotic/Tommy Hilfiger/vintage-y look it has, don’t you think?



Bows, bows, bows. My new love. All you need is fabric and a glue gun. No sewing required. My mom had a bagful of scraps from a friend, so what better way to use those leftovers than to make bows? Oversized bows, medium bows, tiny bows, they’re adorable. What I like about these bows is they take less than 30 minutes to get done, and they’re so practical. It adds a touch of classy to any outfit, you can wear them in your hair with a rubber band or bobby pin, or make them into bow ties for little guys. I must admit I’m totally subscribed to the new bow trend I’ve been noticing around.


This next art exhibit (the skirts) is credited to my mom. She’s the seamstress. I have yet to learn more. She made these two little skirts out of leftover material she had for a skirt she made for herself. I love the red trimming on the bottom.


And bare little feet are the perfect way to wear this skirt. It completes the “country”  look of the outfit.


Remember this little wooden plaque? In an older post on pyrography I was wondering what design to woodburn on it. At first I was thinking of doing something like a sailboat or drawing. But then I thought it would look better if it had a little verse or poem or such. Woodburning is such fun! And again, the possibilities are endless.

There you have it! A little overview of our artsy pursuits this summer. I might put up another post with other projects we got done later.

Question for you: If you could choose only one art project to complete out of the options below, which would it be? 

1. Cake with fondant

2. Pyrography/wood burning

3. Sewing

4. Drawing

5. Paper crafts

10 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. It’s really neat to see all these projects, Rebekah!! Thanks for sharing! Your wooden plaque is beautiful! I’d have to say my choice would be number 4, though the other options would be fun too!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Melissa! I’m glad you also like the wooden plaque. I followed your example of asking these kind of questions at the end of posts, and I think it provides for great interaction. I will continue applying it in future posts. 🙂

        1. I saw some really neat woodburned spoons on pinterest. I think that’s how I was introduced to it. Then I looked it up, and I remembered seeing a woodburning pen in Michaels . My mom actually did some woodburning when she was young, but I did not know that until I tried my hand at it. It’s such a beautiful way to create art.

  2. oh COME ON! you left WRITING off the list! 😉 😉 So if I have to choose from the list you made, then, I’d have to say sewing 🙂 🙂 Although, I must admit, those owls are ADORABLE (my sister’d be ALL over that!) and your woodburning looks SO. NEAT. <3 ((hugs to you))

    1. You’re right, how silly of me to leave writing off the list! Thanks for the hugs, you’re such a dear friend. Sending you warm hugs back.
      p.s. Do you know how to sew?

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