The Art of Pyrography

py·rog·ra·phy noun \pīˈrägrəfē\

1:  the art or process of producing designs or pictures (as on wood or leather) by burning or scorching with hot instruments.
2:  ornamentation or a piece of ornamentation produced by pyrography.
I have a new hobby. I was gifted a wonderful wood burning pen awhile ago, and I was able to try my hand at it. There are so many ways you can use it to create lovely designs and crafts- and it’s not hard to use either.
Just plug in the pen. Let it heat up, and then start burning the wood and creating your design!
You may want to draw an outline on the wood with a pencil first to make it easier to burn into the wood correctly.
This is my little pyrography kit.
I absolutely love the scent of burnt wood that comes when you start burning in the design! It is so relaxing and cozy…it brings back sweet childhood memories of vacations in the mountains and sitting next to a fireplace to warm up after playing in the snow.
I practiced on smaller pieces of wood to get used to the pen. The first lines can be a little squiggly, but things get smoother when you learn you don’t have to press on the wood, but let the pen do it’s part.
I think it’s like drawing in wood! It’s so fun to let your imagination run wild, and think of the endless design possibilities you can do with a woodburning pen!
I looked up some videos on youtube- and there are lots of tutorials out there on how to use the woodburning pen, or do pyrography. Some people create really detailed and sophisticated drawings with it. I prefer to do simple but elegant designs and stylish writing.
I already have a few gift and craft ideas in mind. (Wooden spoons, frames, plaques…etc.)
This is my collection of “tryout” and experimenting designs. What do you think? Good enough for a first timer?
My next big project will be the wooden plaque in the background of the image below.
I’m thinking of burning in a nice nautical design with a sailboat like this picture. And writing something on it too.
The pyrography kit came with several burning tips to use for different techniques.
Do you have any design ideas? What do you think I should burn on this plaque?
Did you ever try woodburning? Would you give it a try if you had the opportunity?

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