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Bible Journal: Likewise you younger people…

Likewise you younger people,
submit yourselves to your elders.
Yes, all of you be submissive to one another,
and be clothed with humility for,

God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God,
that He may exalt you in due time,
casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you

Be sober and vigilant, because your adversary the devil
walks about like a roaring lion,
seeking whom he may devour

(1 Peter 5:5-8)


As I read this passage from 1 Peter this morning, I felt I should take it to heart. I know my own self and my own pride…but I want God to give me grace- I want Him to bless me, grant me opportunities, and carry me through life. Therefore, I took this and prayed upon it.

It also says “you younger people” after addressing the elders first. For young people, submission is difficult. But it’s the test of maturity, and obedience to God’s Word. Who are the first people we should be submissive to?

Our parents. When they tell us to do something and we don’t feel like it, or obey when it doesn’t seem right to…that’s when submission has to come in. Doing what they say with a right attitude and respect is God honoring. And I know that we all, including myself, can still grow in this area.  

It was also soothing to read how we can cast our cares upon the Lord because He really cares for us. Sometimes we wonder if He really does care about what we go through in different periods of life. We don’t have to wonder. It should be ingrained in our minds that we can stop worrying and fretting and leave it all in His hands because He does care.

Finally, did you ever notice that the last verse be sober and vigilant, is connected to the one above that says cast all your care upon Him ? Yes, it’s in the same context, and I just realized today how connected these verses are. We are supposed to cast our care on the Lord- but remain sober and vigilant in our Christian walk, and prayer life, because the devil wants to attack us. So casting our care does not mean becoming lazy.

What did you read today?


3 thoughts on “Bible Journal: Likewise you younger people…

  1. Hey Becky!
    I haven’t had much time to read your posts entirely the last few times I received emails of them, but this afternoon I thought I’d stop by and catch up on the posts I’d missed–and I’m so glad I did…Thank you for sharing this! I love reading what you’ve been learning about in the Word =) Very good thoughts here…
    Blessings in Him,

  2. Ouch. *grins rather weakly* Becky, this post was a convicting blessing to me this morning. I was doing rather better in my walk and relationship with Jesus earlier this week, and then things got really rough again, to where today found me barely having the effort to pray and feeling discouraged to the point of giving up. =( Things aren’t perfect. But God gave me the verse this morning in 2nd Samuel 5:9. In the original context or interpretation, it says that David went on “going and growing” (my part) and that the Lord was with him (Gods part). It encouraged and exhorted me to just keep pressing on….. Even if it seems hopeless. And then the verses and little expounding that you did on those verses frOm Peter… About how I need to cast my care on Him, but also continue (or begin again ** sigh**) to be sober and vigilant— and NOT TO BECOME LAZY!!! Well… It was a confermation and conviction to me today.
    Thank you, sweet sister, for being sensitive to post what the LoRD laid on your heart. I REALLY needed that this morning.
    Also, I appreciated the way you included the little blip on submission. We’re quote “adult” daughters at home, but that doesn’t deminish our responsibility and duty to be submissive and obedient to our parents! Thank you for being honest and courageous enough to post that as well.
    I love you dear sister and am grateful for our friendship. I promise to write you soon!!!!
    Love Katie Hamilton

    1. Katie! SO good to hear from you! I was thinking of writing you soon, and I was happy to get your comment. I am glad the Lord used this post to speak to you.
      Looking forward to hear from you!


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