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Bible Journal: a hope and a future

Dear Journal,

Last Sunday we visited a Calvary Chapel. It was a nice experience, especially since they were singing Christmas carols (not the usual Rock music that all mainstream churches belt out). I’m sure the level of my pleasant experienced would have droppped lower because of that. Anyway, everyone had that attitude of anticipation and celebration. Though we didn’t actually talk to anybody, the people seemed quite friendly and relaxed.

The sermon that Sunday was titled “Joy to the World”. But there was something else in the sermon that stood out to me and spoke to my heart. The pastor mentioned my life verse…a precious promise I recieved from the Lord:

For I know the plans I have toward you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

The pastor explained that God has a wonderful plan for me (and you) which is much better than we could ever create for ourselves.
He has it all mapped out for us- and His intentions are not evil, they are for good.

That really encouraged me at the right time. I was surprised by the many ways God can edify you.

So how did God speak to you last Sunday? Or what did you read today- any verse that stood out to you?

I’d just like to remind you how important it is to read the Word everyday. If you don’t read the Bible daily, you are starving yourself spiritually. Just like it’s  bad to starve your body from food, it’s also bad to starve your soul from spiritual food.

4 thoughts on “Bible Journal: a hope and a future

  1. This is a verse I received when I got saved: All that the Father gives Me, will come to Me and whoever comes to Me I will never drive away.
    John 6: 37

    By the way, I liked the story with Amber, that one you wrote Becky.


  2. Dear Becky,

    Today, my dad preached us about Paul and Silas in Philipi. The people in Philipi put them in a jail, in the deepest place of the jail. At midnight Paul and Silas were singing songs and Psalms and the people who were in that jail were listening.
    While they were singing it was a great earthquake and all the doors were opened. The jailor was so frightened that he was to kill himself, but Paul told him that all the men were in the jail. Then the jailor took a lamp and go in the jail and fall at the legs of Paul and Silas and said “What must I do to be saved?”and Paul said that he must believe in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. The jailor take them in his house. Then the jailor and his home were baptized.

    After all these Paul and Silas have been freed and they go in the house of Lidia.

    What conversion the jailor had!

    You can see in the Bible in Acts chapter 16:16-40.

    I liked your sister’s pie! Jessica is beatiful.



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