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Beginner’s Guide to Apologetics- Women do it too! Lots of Great Resources!

Last week someone asked a crucial question. It was a sweet lady on a Facebook group. She asked (I’m paraphrasing):

“how do you get started in apologetics?”

There are tons of places to start. Some great, some bad. Having been in this ministry for awhile I decided to share some reliable resources and a step-wise approach to apologetics. 

Apologetics is for all Christians.
All women.
All girls.

Of course, each person will do it at different levels. Some are more gifted than others in this field, some have other spiritual gifts. But we are all ambassadors for Christ.

What is Apologetics? Discernment Ministry 

Apologetics: from Greek apologia (ἀπολογία) meaning “intelligent reasoning”, to make a “reasoned defense” and bring solid proof (sound logic); to make a compelling defense with sound logic (argumentation). Strong’s Greek 627

It has nothing to do with saying “I’m sorry”, and has everything to do with providing a logical argument for Biblical truth. 

  • You do apologetics when non-believing friends ask why you believe what you do
  • You do it when you do evangelism 
  • You do it when talking to co-workers on topics of religion or worldview 
  • You do it when someone asks what the Bible says on different issues
  • Christians end up doing apologetics in almost any circumstance. So it’s good to be prepared.

Lay the foundation

Be rooted in the love of Christ (Eph 3:17) Know God’s love for you by basking in His Word, treasuring His specific promises for your life, praising Him for His blessing and goodness. Christ’s love enables you to have the gentleness to help an honest and confused soul, and power and discernment to rebuke the rebellious and the heretics. 

Put on the whole armor (Eph 6:11-18) How do you do that? Daily reading of Scripture, book by book, verse by verse, not haphazard skipping and choosing passages. You have to be familiar with the Word. It’s like practicing with your weapon; if you don’t practice you won’t know how to use it in battle. 

Develop a Biblical worldview  (Romans 12:2) Screen ALL things in life (books, movies, social media, music etc) through the lens of the Bible. It should be your measuring stick. Only with a Biblical worldview can you discern between good and evil. At the bank, tellers learn what an authentic dollar looks like so they can spot a counterfeit. 

Resources for Bible Knowledge

It’s crucial to know Bible history, hermeneutics (interpretation of the text), background & context of each book & passage of the Bible. Here’s a small selection of some of the best resources 

Know your Origins (Creation vs. Evolution) 

Genesis and creation are the foundation of many doctrines in the Bible. A correct view of Genesis and our origins influences a person’s beliefs about ethics, freedom, human rights, theology and more! So you have to be well versed on the biblical and scientific FACTS about our origins. 

There are two excellent leading ministries in this field. Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research. They have researchers and scientists who have PhD degrees. They have awesome resources!

Master Logical Argumentation 

Love God with all your mind. God is a God of order and logic. Christianity is based on facts and historical realities. Being trained in logic will help you demolish a weak and fallacious argument from opponents and reveal the truth. Look up books on logic 101, critical thinking and argumentation. Watch videos on youtube with debates to learn how to formulate answers. 

Resources on Crislam & Islam

One of the most widespread issue in the western church today is making islam compatible with Christianity. There is a trend to combine islam and Christianity into Crislam. Here are the best resources to be informed and tackle this issue

Cults Apologetics

There are tons of resources out there and several varieties of cults. Start with the main cults & build from there. An excellent pamphlet to get started with is 

Ecumenism, mysticism and church trends 

Some valuable weblogs which tackle many issues that affect the church today are: 

Lighthouse Trails Research

Let us Reason

Thou Art the Man

Berean Research

Pirate Christian

INGREDIENTS for being a warrior of truth:

 KNOW your Bible. Your foundation has to be a Biblical worldview. Know Biblical & world history.

 LEARN proper Hermeneutics. Meaning, interpreting Bible passages in context! Dallas Theological Seminary has great resources, among others.

 RELY on the Holy Spirit. Pray for God’s guidance in everything you do. Christ teaches you all things pertaining to the Word of God (John 14:26).

 LIVE a godly life. In order to have the mind of Christ, we must live like Christ (1 Cor 2:16).

 KNOW the foundation of the Bible (Genesis) and the summary (Revelation), on which hinge all the rest of Biblical teachings. So access “Answers in Genesis” and “Institute for Creation Research” for scientific creation resources. Access Dallas Theological Seminary for books on Revelation, among others.

  TRAIN yourself in logical argumentation.

 STAY abreast with political developments and church trends, approaching everything with a critical mind.

 SCREEN all media, authors, pastors, music, movies, curriculum, etc. through a biblical lens. Do background checks. Does it line up with Scripture? If not, avoid.

 RESEARCH always for better resources. Go deep. Old historical Christian writings aren’t necessarily better or safer. Do background checks on the writers.

 KEEP your mind uncluttered. Too much time on social media, trends, and useless news uses up memory space. It impedes from meditating on the Word. It makes you less effective.

 STAY humble. God gives grace to the humble. 1 Peter 5:5-6

 DON’T let anyone despise your youth. Be equipped, precise, godly and Biblical to bring God glory and shut the mouths of opponents
(1 Tim 4:12)

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