A Blog Award!

Helloooo again everyone! *echo, echo*

I know dear readers, my appearances on this blog have been few and far between. What can I blame but school- really that’s what it’s been. I haven’t had time to even email my friends (hint, hint- those of you who I owe an email to πŸ˜‰ .

But I have something to announce. I got my first blog award! Yay! It’s from a fellow blogging friend, Amy atΒ Let My Life Be A Light.

I’m very honored to have received this and thank you kindly Amy! It warms my heart.

In return I’m to award it to a few other friends so here is my list:

Katie’s blog: Princess Warrior

Bethany’s blog: Rejoice Evermore

Rebecca’s blog: Beautiful Gems

Marissa’s blog: Servant of the King

Young Christian Bloggers

Congrats ladies!

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