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The First Step

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If God does require of the sinner – dead in sin – that he should take
the first step, then He requires just that which renders salvation as
impossible under the gospel as ever it was under the law, seeing man is as
unable to believe as he is to obey, and is just as much without power to
come to Christ as he is without power to go to heaven without Christ.

The power must be given to him of the Spirit. He lies dead in sin; the
Spirit must quicken him. He is bound hand and foot and fettered by
transgression; the Spirit must cut his bonds, and then he will leap to

(C. H. Spurgeon)

2 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. And the Spirit enables every individual to make that step, if he/she will only choose to do so. 🙂

    (Finally found the time to peruse your blog a little more and I signed up for emails!) 😉

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