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12 Days of Christmas: Part 3

The 3rd Day: 



Does the painting give you a hint about what we did today? (By the way, I decided to forget all about the ‘twinkle’ stuff. It sounds childish now that I think about it).

Yes, today we went Christmas caroling. This is about the third year that we’ve been Christmas caroling in front of a local store.
By God’s grace, the employees who stand at the door there befriended us. One of the two employees, sometime in November, told us: “So, see you all this Christmas again, right?” Meaning they expected us to come again and carol! It was heartwarming to hear.

We love Christmas caroling, and often people pass by and say ‘thank you’. Of course others just pass by without caring, but most are visibly touched by it in one way or another. They just cannot ignore the carols that tell of the real meaning of Christmas!

God willing, we plan to go caroling up until Christmas.


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