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Your Origins Matter- What you Didn’t Know about Dinosaurs

There will be a FREE LIVE webcast held by Institute for Creation Research on Wednesday, June 5  at 7:00 PM Central (CDT).  The topic will be What you Didn’t Know about Dinosaurs! 

If you are interested, gather your family and friends together that day and watch this Live!

Here is a link for more information:

Origins Matter Family Conference Webcast

This is where you log in to the live webcast:

Gateway Church

Hope you guys get to watch and enjoy!

1 thought on “Your Origins Matter- What you Didn’t Know about Dinosaurs

  1. Sounds nice! I just completed my first out of three years for Faith Bible Institute and he touched on dinosaurs a bit. I’ve studied them quite a bit myself, actually. And, Lord willing, we will be going to the Creation Museum next week. Yeah!

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