Ways To Eat Honey – Edible Gold


I’ll interrupt the (tiny) series on Safeguards in a Perilous World to focus on a sweet topic. 

You won’t believe this. You would think ways to eat honey is such an easy post to write. But I’ve had this post in my drafts/list-of-post-ideas forever… and I never could get myself to sit in front of my laptop to write it. Because I wanted it to be perfect. Because I don’t feel ready. Because, because…

But ready or not- here it is!

We all know that honey is called “liquid gold”. You can be sure that is not an overstatement!

In my family, honey is as precious as, that’s right-  gold! 

And now I propose a trade-off. Here’s where I tell you how we eat our honey. It might give you ideas how to use it in ways you never did before. Then you can tell me how you eat honey!

Of course there are many other uses for honey (medicinal and beauty) but we’ll just focus on the stomach today, okay? 😉

How I Eat Honey (And a Few Other Ideas I Didn’t Try Yet, But You Could!) 

  • Sweeten Hot Cocoa. Or Coffee. Or other breakfast beverage you drink! 
  • In Tea. Be British. 
  • Honey and peanut-butter. Best energy bar there ever was! 
  • Goodbye maple syrup, hello honey! Pancakes and waffles are delightful with honey.
  • Sweeten fresh, homemade lemonade
  • Jam and fruit preserves sweetened with honey instead of jam. Healthier. Sustainable. Yeah, all those catchwords. 
  • Toast with butter and honey. Sprinkle bit of cinnamon if you want! 
  • Sweeten your oatmeal. Or breakfast cereal. 
  • Whipped honey. Makes for a great gift too!  
  • Drizzle some honey on plain (or Greek) yogurt! Low calories and quick, light snack.
  • My dad eats multigrain flaxseed chips/crackers with honey, and some peanut butter. Weird? Try it!
  • Instant energy bar. Mix 1 tsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp honey, and ground walnuts (or favorite nuts).
  • Sweeten your smoothie with honey (which you probably already do)
  • Use on croissants, bagels, muffins
  • Honey bread (didn’t try this yet, but just might) 
  • Baked honey cake (didn’t do this either, but sound sweet) 
  • On warm rice pudding…now I don’t remember if I ever tried this but I’m sure it’s good.

Now, how do you eat honey? 


2 thoughts on “Ways To Eat Honey – Edible Gold

    1. Yes, that sounds just like the remedy for a cold! I never really had ginger, though I’ve read about all the benefits it has. I did try cinnamon and honey in a tsp, which helped boost my immune system once when I was getting a cold! Thanks for the comment!

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