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Victory! He Sets the Captives Free!

It looks like I’ve fallen off the planet because I have not been my usual self and have not regularly posted. Although this corner has been quiet- my life has been far from quiet- it’s been bustling by at a rapid pace and I have exciting things to announce- I graduated college by God’s grace! I am also planning changes for this blog- which hopefully will be coming up sooner than later. 

But I have a marvelous victory to tell! Remember the Bodnariu case that I wrote about several months ago?


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Short recap of the story: The CPS in Norway snatched 5 children from this family without any evidence and kept them in custody trying to find evidence of problems in the family. The CPS (called Barnevernet) in Norway has a long complicated history of horror stories against human rights, family rights and children’s rights.

There was a global movement of support of the Bodnariu family with hundreds of protests all around the world, and even a BBC documentary done on the Bodnariu case in Norway. The Barnevernet system was flooded with letters daily from people who supported the Bodnarius and their case went viral on social media, and many news stations reported on the case as well. Even the European Council ruled against Norway’s Barnevernet system and condemned it. After a long and hard battle- an official statement says that the Bodnariu children will be returned to their parents!! 

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Glory be to the Lord! What a triumphant Victory! Let us all rejoice! 

To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners;

To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn,…
Isaiah 61:1

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    1. Thank you Rhoda! I am very excited to be graduated and give God all the glory that He carried me through all the way! I will send you some photos.

      Yes, it’s a wonderful miracle that the Bodnariu’s are free! Thank you for your comment and interest in the case!

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