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Top 10 Favorite Cheeses

I’m going against the flow. 

While everyone on the web and social media is posting about pumpkin spice lattes, autumn colors, and pumpkin everything, I’m going to share my love of cheese.

Because cheese is good any time of the year. And because cheese is a good companion to any meal. It even works in dessert.  

There are quite a few health benefits of cheese, did you know? Like: 

  • A feeling of satisfaction after you eat cheese
  • Makes you happy when you are feeling down
  • A feeling of satisfaction after you eat…oh wait, did I say that before?

You get the point- it’s good for you! And it has calcium, and protein, and vitamin A , and vitamin B12. Of course it has cholesterol, calories and such, but we’ll ignore the not-so-good part for now. Moderation will balance things out. 

My Top 10 Favorite Cheeses

1. Goat cheese


Super tasty with french bread. For breakfast. With honey. With jam. And as a spread for anything else. It’s tangy and light and creamy.  

2. Feta

The cheese that should be a staple for every meal, ha! Well, at least some meals. It adds a nice flavor to anything. It’s especially delicious with tomatoes. I add it in soup, salad and sandwiches too.

3. Fresh mozarella


Ah, fresh mozzarella. The sister of feta. I eat these two cheeses together sometimes. Mozzarella is lovely with tomatoes, salads, sandwiches, pizza…and did you ever try melted fresh mozzarella??? I can’t even describe to you the goodness.


4. The Laughing Cow cheese


Another tangy creamy cheese. It’s kinda similar to cream cheese, but different- it has a punch. It works with crackers, on bread, nearly anything. 

5. Cream Cheese


Of course cream cheese can’t be missing in this list! I don’t even have to tell you how I eat it. Anything imaginable- from desserts, to spreads…just ask the food bloggers. 

6. Kashkaval


If you’re European you probably know this cheese. If you eat international food you may know this cheese too. Kashkaval can be found in most international food stores in the United States. Makes a fabulous omelette! Also pairs well with bread and butter, or in melted cheese sandwiches, with other cheeses, and veggies. 

7. Provolone



One of the best sandwich cheeses. Superb. And if you melt it, provolone is….ahhh! No need to explain the goodness if you’ve tasted this before. 

8. Marble Jack (colby jack) 


Mmm, mmm! Marble Jack is tasty in omelette, crackers, melted in chili, and in sandwiches. I’m not sure if it’s found outside of the United States. It has a sharp flavor because it’s sharp cheddar cheese mixed with white cheese. Whoever invented this had a great mind. Or loved cheese. 

9. Gouda


A refined and snobby cheese, with a smoked and earthy flavor. Nicely compliments salami and other fancy meals. A real treat! 

10. Parmesan


Last but not least- the famous Parmesan! Spaghetti is the first thing that comes to mind. A versatile cheese, the iconic cheese of Italy if I may say so. 

Are you hungry now? What kind of cheese do you like? 

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Cheeses

  1. Oh yeah! You had me at cheese 🙂 Now I am ready for an afternoon snack… but which cheese to choose? Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday Showcase!

    1. Blue cheese! I think I only tasted it once or twice. I don’t really remember what it tasted like, so I cannot really say if I like it or not. What do you enjoy eating it with?

      Next time you eat lunch you should add some cheese 😉

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