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This Christmas- Give To These People!

Last week, I had a post about gift ideas for Christmas for those difficult people that you can’t find a gift for. (Note, it is updated with a few more ideas).

Remember the Poor

But, of course, Christmas is not about material things or about presents and all the outward decor and celebration. It is about Christ- the Ultimate gift of all eternity, our Redeemer and Savior, God-Man. It makes sense to share the joy with those who need it most this season. Let us remember the poor (Gal 2:10). 

Remember the workers in ministry

In addition, let us remember ministries that help spread the Gospel or defend the faith with integrity. Below are a few of the ministries I like and recommend that you consider to give to during this Christmas season. 

Samaritan’s Purse by Franklin Graham Ministries

I was personally blessed by Samaritan’s Purse as a young child. There were a few times at Christmas when their gift boxes that they give to children were about the only Christmas present I received as a missionary child. Click on the title to see their Christmas gift guide. You can give even as little as $8 and help a family plant a fruit tree, or send a missionary doctor, or give a lamb that sings “Jesus Loves Me” for a blind child.

Operation Heal Our Patriots

Another one of Franklin Graham’s ministry is Operation Heal Our Patriots. This is for my countrymen here in America. You can show your support for the troops by donating to this ministry that reaches out to veterans with PTSD and have a struggling marriage. I love this patriotic type of giving! 

HeartCry Missionary Society

The ministry of Pastor Paul Washer. If you look on their website you will see a map of their ministry all over the world, in US, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, China, Russia.

I praise the Lord that brother Paul Washer is a humble man of prayer and integrity and may the Lord keep him that way. So it is a ministry of integrity.

Bible Society in the UK

I just recently learned more about this ministry. I am not familiar with the leadership, but the story of how they began is very touching. Many years ago, a young Welsh girl desperately wanted to have a Bible of her own and traveled 26 miles to get one from a Reverend. That inspired the Reverend to start a society to spread Bibles in Wales and around the world.

Now they’ve been spreading Bibles in more than 200 countries, including Communist countries. You can get some lovely free stickers from them for Christmas too! I think it’s a lovely idea to donate something to spread Bibles in countries where they are not easily accessible. 

Romanian Orphan Ministries

This ministry reaches out to many orphan children in Romania, a country in Eastern Europe that was under Communism until 1989. The founder of this ministry is an American. Read his story on the website- it is quite amazing to see the round-about way the Lord has brought him to start such a ministry. They are a Christian organization that seek to disciple and help young Romanian orphans. 

Institute for Creation Research

This amazing ministry offers resources for Christians all around the world. They provide videos online, books, DVDs, magazines, articles, devotionals, and a free monthly magazine. They help Christians defend the Biblical worldview of how God is the Creator.

The organization is made of highly skilled Christian scientists with Ph.D’s and science degrees who humbly teach churches and laypeople logical ways of defending the faith. They travel all around the United States and hold seminars and conferences. They have also sent some scientists internationally to a conference in South Korea to teach! I have been supporting them for years, and I praise God that he has godly men of integrity teaching the about Genesis- the first book of the Bible, which is the foundation for the rest. 

3 thoughts on “This Christmas- Give To These People!

  1. These are great ideas!
    One of my favorites is Operation Christmas Child. Our whole church contributes to buy gifts and pack boxes with the presents and gospel tracks. It’s one of the highlights for Christmas presents to give away for me.
    I’ve heard a lot about the Institute of Creation Research. I’ve browsed their site a few times, but only recently have had the chance to dig into their materials more in depth. I really enjoy science from God’s perspective!!! That’s a great ministry too.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. That’s awesome Christina- I can testify that those boxes are a huge excitement and blessing for the kids!
      Yes indeed, ICR is an awesome ministry- I have been tremendously blessed by their resources while in college and beyond. I love their free monthly magazine too. They’re building a new Creation Science museum too!

      1. That’s really cool! I’ve wanted to go to their Museum some time. It always looks really awesome!
        I should look into that free magazine too. I like my reading materials. 🙂

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