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The ordinary adventure

I was going traveling on an adventure! I packed my bags for the trip I was going to take. I took all the supplies I needed. I made sure to get my backpack, had all the books, and essentials such as water, lunch, pens, pencils, papers, my cell phone, some altoid mints, and other miscellaneous items.

I was running a little late, but I hurried to do my hair, pulled my shoes on and rushed to the car.

I looked at the gas level as I revved up the engine. Half full. That should be okay to get me to my destination.

After a quick prayer for protection I was on my way!

It was summer, a hot and a lazy day. People all going their merry little way. The miles sped under my tires, and the warm wind blew in my face through the open window.

I knew the way to this place quite well. I had been there many times before, but that didn’t stop me from going back. In fact, I had to go back.

After awhile, I saw it on the horizon. In a few minutes I would be there.

When I arrived, I joined many other adventurers like myself. We were all going to the same place, but we all had different reasons for going there. Despite our varied backgrounds, most of us had packed the same, lugging backpacks after us, because we would all need similar supplies on our journey.

The adventurers and I generally had an idea of what awaited us on this day, but some were probably more worried than others because sometimes there could be hurdles in the way…hurdles that required you to prepare in advance for them in order to keep going on your journey.

This place had several buildings. Some trees, benches, tables, restaurants, stairs… it was quite expansive.

I entered a building along with several other people who were on the same journey. There were leaders in front who had materials to give us and guide us along to reach our destination.

It was going to be quite a long journey…but I had already come such a long way, I would be there soon!

~The End~

Can you guess where my traveling adventure was?

16 thoughts on “The ordinary adventure

    1. Rachel, thanks for participating! Do share how you came up with your idea, I would like to hear 😀
      It’s been quite enjoyable hearing everyone’s input, so I think I’ll wait a little more to see what everyone else says before I finally reveal the answer!

    1. Hi Rhoda, ;D Sure am pleased you enjoyed it! Feel free to share your other ideas I would love to hear them!
      What I can say about this first guess is that you’re close since it is actually in the city…but not quite. 😉

        1. Indeed 😉 I wanted to make it sound as adventurous as possible so it would be harder to detect it was an ordinary day, but you all are intuitive readers!

  1. I have no idea. I want to say up to some great palace on the cliff rocks in China. I’ve only see pictures of lots of stairs, buildings and a long adventure to reach the top. My husband is off to the high Sierra’s in CA with a 60 pound pack ready to go, but I don’t think you are in these mountain ranges unless you are in Yosemite. Hope it was a great adventure! Blessings! Love Rachael @ Inking the Heart

    1. Hello Rachael, Thanks for the comment and for trying to guess the destination! Sounds like your husband is really off on a great adventure in the Sierras! Hope he has a lot of fun! Have you been to the Sierras too?

      I’ll hold off from revealing the actual place of where I had my ordinary adventure for awhile to see what other people would like to guess 😉

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