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Something from Spurgeon

I found the following little paragraph by Spurgeon on a blog that weekly posts passages from Spurgeon’s sermons. I thought it is so fitting even today when we see churches mixing worldly lifestyles with “religion” and false spirituality, ecumenism, mysticism, and emerging churches, and postmodernism!

Read what Spurgeon says:

The devil of five hundred years ago was a black and grimy thing, well pourtrayed in our old pictures of that evil spirit. He was a persecutor, who cast men into the furnace, and put them to death for serving Christ. The devil of this day is a well-spoken gentleman: he does not persecute—he rather attempts to persuade and to beguile. He is not now the furious Romanist so much as the insinuating unbeliever, attempting to overturn our religion, whilst at the same time he pretends he would but make it more rational, and so more triumphant. He would only link worldliness with religion; and so he would really make religion void, under the cover of developing the great power of the gospel, and bringing out secrets which our forefathers had never discovered.


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