Simply Swap: What are your traditional family Thanksgiving meals?

It seems almost everyone get’s in an autumn-y mood once October/November comes around….the air gets crisp and chilly. The leaves change colors, migratory birds take their flight, it’s that semi-nostalgic mood that settles in like the autumn fog- yet a cheery, celebrating mood as well.

It’s when we start feeling ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We start making plans. So I would like to ask you to swap something here on the topic of Thanksgiving.

What are the traditional “specials” or meals that you and your family make for Thanksgiving?

Do you have a special pumpkin pie recipe? Do you make something else rather than turkey? Is there a special recipe passed down through generations? Stuff like that.


What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving?

Do you cook a Thanksgiving dinner for a family in need? Do you put up the Christmas tree with your whole family after the Thanksgiving meal? Do you hold a Bible study? Share your personal family tradition!

My family and I don’t have much of a tradition. We just do our Thanksgiving with our relatives (whoever can come), and generally have the standard Thanksgiving dinner. Yet, we are not very fond of turkey ourselves…so this time we were thinking of making chicken schnitzel instead.

I want to make some Jewish challah bread (I know it’s not Christmas). I thought it would be a special addition to the meal.

My sister wants to make cinnamon-raisin bread and other desserts.

Generally we try to have a Bible study together or pray, and share what we are grateful for (if we can gather all our relatives together after the meal). Sadly I realized we don’t sing together, although singing is important in our family. I would like to start this Thanksgiving tradition this time….

What about you? Tell me about your traditions- or the ones you hope to start. Of course traditions shouldn’t be “the law of the land” or “written in stone” and punishable if broken. Often my family and I had very different Thanksgiving celebrations each time…but it’s nice to have something special established- like Thanksgiving praise!

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