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Product Review: Bella Vado Natural

As you know, natural living is something I consistently pursue. No, I’m not a green-peacer nor an eccentric fanatic, just a regular newly licensed nurse with an awareness and passion for a healthy lifestyle that includes all aspects of life. 

I tried making my own stuff, like lotions and what-not. Especially lotions. I use hand lotion literally every day. I can’t stand having dry hands. But making my own stuff didn’t work out.

THEN, I found it! The perfect lotion! 

Presenting Bella Vado! I am proud to partner with Bella Vado to present to you their products! This is a family-owned business, where the parents and children work together on a huge avocado grove. They make high quality, raw, cold-pressed avocado oil, and a variety of products including lotion, soaps, skin serum, lip balm, body wash, and face wash. 


Here is why I LOVE their lotion! 

  • If you look on the ingredients list, you will see that 90% of the list includes plants and oils. There are no unwanted chemicals like potassium, parabens, artificial colors, or other preservatives like formaldehyde. I give Bella Vado a rating of 10 for keeping their products so chemical-free, because other products out there use the term “natural” but the ingredients list shows otherwise. Always check the label! 
  • Bella Vado lotion is food-grade lotion! It’s so natural- you could basically eat it! 
  • They use non-GMO avocado oil, raw, unrefined, cold-pressed for the lotion! Avocado oil is even better than coconut oil for feeding the skin, the largest organ of your body
  • It is luxuriously smooth and silky, and leaves no residue or grease on your hands
  • They have a variety of fragrances, such as Passion fruit (My favorite), Lavendar, Jasmine and Honey Almond, as well as an unscented lotion
  • The price is great, compared to other natural products out there! I purchased mine for $9.99 at a local store, and they sell it for $13.oo for 5.5 fl oz. bottle on their website 

I have yet to try all their other products, and I am sure they are of the same high quality as their lotion! I’m a fan! 

If you are looking for a heart-healthy cooking oil, check out their avocado oils. Bella Vado also has unique flavored oils such as “Garlic Avocado Oil” or “Lemon Avocado Oil”, or “Jalapeno Avocado Oil”. 

To find out more about their company and how they started, check out this short video: Green Goddess Goes to Market.

Head over to their website to order your lotion today!


Note: Bella Vado agreed to send me one of their products in exchange for my honest review