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Photos of Our Day At the Conference

I am super excited and relieved right now, because as I’m writing this I’m in a break at school, after I took a test that I was very anxious about. I praise the Lord that He was with me and I passed, and now it’s behind me!

But I just couldn’t wait to give you guys a quick peek at the Your Origins Matter Conference. My family and I were able to attend it, and we looked forward to it for a long time! We drove out to the conference. The information presented there was just amazing! If you didn’t watch it online, shame on you cause you missed out on a lot of neat stuff. πŸ˜‰

I read that about 2,500 people signed up to attend! And the auditorium got crowded really fast!

Before we begin, excuse me for the dark-ish, far, and blurry-ish photos…

Dr. Jeansen speaking on similarities & differences between species


Dr. Lisle speaking on astronomy. Very interesting presentation, he was one of the favorites at the conference, and a neat way of presenting difficult astrophysics information in easy to understand format for everyone, with great illustrations! His books sold out in a wink, and we were hardly able to get one before they were all gone!


On the far right is Dr. Guliuzza, a medical doctor and researcher at ICR. He had a fascinating presentation on the human body, how it is designed, just amazing, incredible information that left you wanting to know more! He had a really engaging way of talking too and a great sense of humor. The audience loved him. At first I thought he would be boring, something similar to a classroom lecture, but I was totally wrong! He was just as fun to listen to as the first speakers!


The astronaut! He was the last speaker. I went out to do some homework and study for an exam before he started speaking. But once I heard he was up, I quickly went inside to listen. Col. Jeffrey Williams speaking and showing us great images taken from space! He has a big collection of images of planet earth taken from space, so he’s a photographer as well as an astronaut! πŸ™‚


The way I understood this was this volcano in the picture erupted somewhere in the middle of the ocean as Col. William’s space craft was in that area. So he was there at the right moment as the plume of smoke could be seen bowing out, and was the only person from earth (and in space obviously) who caught a picture of it and was aware of it! After 20 minutes or so when he came by again, everything was already gone! The eruption had ended. He said he believed God had made the volcano erupt specially for him to get a photo!


Col. Williams also showed us this beautiful video of planet Earth…

Enjoying the conference on a beautiful sunny day with perfect weather!


Lunchtime! Delicious sandwiches for everyone in our group! The conference provided Chick-fil-A, complete with a dressed up cow walking around and waving at the crowds…come to think of it, we should’ve taken a picture with it! But we brought our own lunch.


Bread, bread, and more bread! Enough to feed an army! What would lunch be without bread?


The speakers book signing! We got to have 2 of our books signed by Dr. Lisle and one by Dr. Guliuzza…but we didn’t catch the rest of them πŸ™ Β But at least we got two of the favorite speakers! We had to rush home for our younger sister to attend a fall party. We wished we could get a picture with the speakers at the end, but that didn’t happen either…lots of people there, and no time = no picture.


A closeup of the astronaut, a famous person. No, I didn’t get to shake hands with someone who went in space…again, not enough time, and I was a little intimidated too… I just didn’t know how to approach these peopleΒ :). Β I have my moments and then sometimes I regret them. Did that ever happen to you?


Finally, this was the only book by Dr. Lisle we were able to get. I really, really recommend it. A great resource to training you how to think critically, logically, and learning terms of philosophy and logic so you can defend the faith properly! The chapters are succinct and not overwhelming, the information is presented in an easy and engaging format. So add it to your library asap!

11 thoughts on “Photos of Our Day At the Conference

  1. How exciting! This was the ICR Creation Museum, not the Kentucky Ken Ham one, correct? I was at the Kentucky one this past summer. I know what you mean – I’ve had the intimidating experience of meeting famous people before! I met Eric Metaxas and had my photo taken with him this summer. Wow! I was too shy to tell him I was an author too! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Yes, it was really exciting! The conference took place at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in California, but you’re right, there’s a Creation Museum in San Diego that was previously owned by ICR before they moved in Texas. I remember seeing the post on your blog about your visit in Kentucky.

  2. How exciting! I SO wanted to go…Oh, well…
    I had the privilege of getting to go to ICR last year with Bright Lights Ministries. It was such a wonderful time! Dr. Lisle spoke to us, and we toured the offices. I really enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  3. I caught most of it πŸ™‚ I loved the one where the speaker was talking about how amazingly designed our hands are, I had never really thought about that before, Human engineers would spend years and years and never be able to create such an amazing design, but God just spoke and created us in His infinite wisdom,
    Well done in your exams!
    Can I ask which one in the picture is you? Are the rest your family and friends?

    1. Yes! I’m SO glad you caught it- (I was going to write and ask you about it, but didn’t get around to yet, so expect an email from me sometime soon ;)). I agree, the presentation on the hand was just awesome.
      It was a really wonderful day at the conference!

    1. Sure thing! I’m glad you enjoyed it like we did! I personally am glad I didn’t miss it because of school demands- it’s worth investing in spiritual growth and in learning about God’s creation, and the Lord will add everything on top of that, like the verse says “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you”. And I saw that come true in this situation where I chose to attend the conference despite a heavy workload for school (of course I studied too), and then I still did well in the exams I had afterward because the Lord supplied all my need!

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