On a blissful day (The Spanish town in California)

One blissful day on our spring break, my family and I took a trip to a quaint old Spanish town in California. It was a place we’ve explored before, but that was 3 years ago.

San Juan Capistrano.

Just the name sounds inspiring doesn’t it? Wait till you see the places.

We were blessed with clear blue skies and warm sunshine, and we had such a nice time that I wish I could repeat it all over again tomorrow! Leave a comment below to join us for the next trip!  *wink*
It wasn’t a specific part of the town we were visiting…just sight seeing, taking it easy, and enjoying the day. But it was definitely a treat for me in the middle of the busyness of the semester.

An adventure awaiting at the end of the road

Cruising past the beautiful Pacific

Welcome to Old Town San Juan Capistrano 

A variety of paths to take 

San Juan Capistrano has charming Spanish style buildings
and a very old and famous Spanish Mission…

…alongside rustic Western buildings still standing since the 1700s

The little ones also got the chance to visit a small petting zoo.
It was one of the highlights of their day to see goats, sheep, turkeys,
ponies and any other farm animal you can think of- including llamas! 

You can see the delight and amazement on their faces! 

 and stopping to pose…

After the petting zoo, we wandered around the “downtown” area,
which had a variety of beautiful architecture to look at

including adorable little shops 

and charming looking restaurants


…and costumed Spanish dancers, to make it look authentic.
(actually we happened upon these ladies who were going to be in a parade
and we asked if we could take their picture. They were nice enough to pose too!) 

after so much walking and sightseeing we needed an energy boost,
so we wandered into a cafe, where everyone shared a mocha 

and I found this little munchkin sitting on the stairs there…lol!

finally we meandered into the quite part of town,
slowly walking down some country style roads with cozy little houses
where birds chirped in the trees 

and then I saw it….

My heart nearly stopped beating at the sight.
Isn’t this just the perfect little house?
It’s right out of the storybooks!  

and this mailbox is another dreamy sight isn’t it…

And this rustic medieval looking door was another one of my favorites…

So ladies and gentlemen, that is how our journey ends.

This has been a post with the most pictures I’ve ever posted- literally. It took me forever to post because of the time it takes for u.p.l.o.a.d.i.n.g, so I hope you do enjoy it. If you do, please leave a comment, it will seriously make my day, and give me the impression that I didn’t just waste my time doing this.  ‘Cause my sister wants to wring my neck because I didn’t finish helping her with the spring cleaning! Gotta skitter. 😉

9 thoughts on “On a blissful day (The Spanish town in California)

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I love old houses like that, but I prefer New Zealand California bungalows and bay villas to that American style!
    The Pacific is my favourite ocean. What’s yours?

    1. My favorite ocean is also the Pacific! I love it! Yes, I don’t know, but I’ve always loved houses with a porch…to me they have a certain charm and coziness. Funny though, cause I’ve never actually lived in a house with a porch. 🙂 Maybe in the future.

  2. Beautiful scenery!!! It looks like fun to go and enjoy yourself for a day and visit amazing pieces of our history that have lasted for so long…although I’ve never been to San Juan Capistrano, I sure would like to now!!! (this was not a waste of your time, it was very useful) 🙂

  3. Ooh, thank you so much for posting these, Becky! I know it takes a l.o.n.g time to post photos, but your efforts don’t go unnoticed 🙂 It looks like y’all had a lovely day! And, you had me smiling with your comments at the end.

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