Not quite a Blog Post

This isn’t an actual blog post per se. You could say that it is more like a collection of thoughts that have floated through my mind lately, and I thought it would be fun to share with you since autumn is often a time of melancholy and meditation, don’t you think?

It’s funny but I didn’t imagine myself writing this blog post while sitting in a backseat of a car, driving to my favorite jogging place. I thought I would be sitting calmly at my desk typing away, but since an assignment for class today took me so long to write, I ran out of my “free” time, and since I don’t want to miss out on jogging, I decided to use my time wisely and write this blog post on the way, so I can squeeze in everything I want to do in the same day. If that even makes sense.

So here goes. My thoughts, observations, ramblings and whatnot, in random order…. 


It seems to me that people read less and less these days. Everyone is used to short snippets of info on social media, just a picture and a sentence. They don’t have the patience to read paragraphs and wordy posts anymore. Its kinda sad.

Also, people don’t actually socialiZe anymore. Clicking “like” on a picture on facebook or instagram or sharing a post is not socializing. They don’t even take the time to write a quick comment to say what they think of the picture. Real socializing is talking, conversating, meeting face to face, visiting, laughing together. People become so isolated.

Sometimes we look at other people’s lives and we see, and hear, mainly their success stories, or the positive side of life, the good days. We may slip into envy or self pity, feeling that everything is going well for them and they “have it all”. But in reality, you don’t have much in this world (even as a Christian) if you do not anchor yourself in Scripture. The doctrines of grace, Justification, Salvation, and His Word stored and applied in our lives counts more than all the earthly accomplishments. That is why in 2 Thess 2:15 and 2 John 1:8 and Revelation 3:11 it says to “hold fast to what you have” so you do not lose your reward. Having spiritual understanding of God’s Word is a far more precious and rewarding thing! 

I feel blessed to have friends all over the world, thanks to connections made via the blog and email. I have true sisters in Christ from New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain and across many states in the United States. I love how God worked to connect us.

There’s a reassuring rhythm, order and beauty to the day and night cycle of our world and how everything keeps going in the world as everyone does their part- day shift, night shift, all people doing their job… the city, the countryside, all kinds of workers from janitors to mailmen, to office workers, scientists and CEOs, all diligent at work, each job important to keep things going.

I wonder, since we live in this fast paced era of technology, where there is a new event on the news every day, and new updates every minute on social media and so many new things being launched all the time, we got so used to living in the “now”, and pushing for the future….that we forget. We forget the small but beautiful details of our past, or the blessings God gave us, and where we came from.

If you spend too much time on social media, start replacing it with apps for Scripture memorizing. And use your time on social media wisely- pray for the people you are following as you scroll through the feed.

….and I guess I made a theme of my thoughts focusing on social media.

The End. 

What have been in your thoughts lately? 

4 thoughts on “Not quite a Blog Post

    1. Hi Rhoda,
      Thanks for sharing what you’ve been thinking about lately! I’m happy you enjoyed the post. Would you elaborate on the book “Heaven is for Real” what were your thoughts? Also on Pietism?

      1. We visited a church in another town last week. The ‘sermon’ was a review of the movie “Heaven is for Real”. Dad was pretty unhappy with that, and led us out half-way through. Later he said it was Pietism, that all those people would sit and accept what is untrue, because the man speaking liked it and it seemed nice.

        1. I applaud your dad’s action! Tell him my dad and family praise the Lord that he had the courage to step out and take a stand. And what he stated about pietism was so very true; sadly that is the state of many churches today, and many believers have no discernment. But that is also the result of many believers not being anchored in Scripture and reading the Bible daily so that the Holy Spirit will guide and teach them to discern…
          Much to say about this but I’ll not elaborate on it here. Thanks for bringing this up! What do you think?

          It was great to hear your thoughts and have this dialog!

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